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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 40

Before I could start my car, I got a call from Macy.

I checked the time to see that it was ten already. As soon as I answered my phone, Macy’s voice reached my ears. “Babe, guess where I am now.”

Listening to the bubbling excitement in her tone, I thought for a while before answering, “Q City!”

“Damn!” she cursed. “Ms. Stovall, you’re such a bore!”

Based on her choice of words, I knew that I guessed it right. Smiling into the phone, I teased, “It’s not like today’s your first day knowing me. So how’s it going? Have you found a suitable location?”

Fuller Corporation’s underground car park was large, and not to mention, vacant now. While I sat in the car and spoke on the phone, I could vaguely hear the echo, making the hair on the back of my neck stand.

“Mhm. Q City is indeed a good place to settle down. It’s very relaxing here too. I stayed here for a few days, and I really like the pace of life here. The weather here is really pleasant too, so I think it’s a perfect place to settle down.”

Macy talked a lot on the other end of the line, so I put her on speaker and started the engine. The car park was too empty and I felt a little uneasy staying here for too long.

I answered while reversing. “You should stay in Q City for a couple more days more to get used to it, and maybe check out some places for me while you’re there. Ashton arranged another project for me. It’s quite a difficult one, so I probably won’t be able to go anywhere for the time being.”

She swore a little and started nagging at me. “You’ve already decided to leave, so why the heck did you accept another project? Since you’ve decided to leave, then do it once and for all. Stop having second thoughts or dragging things on.”

Of course I knew that I had to leave once and for all, but humans were prone to indecisiveness, and some things were easier said than done.

Bang! I had just reversed out of my parking space when I ran into something. My heart skipped a beat and I hurriedly said into the phone, “Macy, I think I hit something. I’ll call you back later. Gotta go.”

Before Macy could answer, I hung up the call and got out of my car.

There would occasionally be stray cats in the underground car park, so I hoped that it wasn’t anything too serious.

After circling my car, sure enough, I found a kitten at a blind spot behind my car. Its injury looked quite serious, so I walked over to check it out. The moment I bent down, someone covered my nose and mouth from behind. The pungent smell of some kind of chemical invaded my nostrils.

By the time I realized the danger I was in, I had already lost consciousness.

I woke up to pitch-black darkness. Everything around me was so quiet that I could probably hear the sound of a pin drop on the ground.

Panic surged in me, but after several minutes, I managed to calm myself down. Since my kidnappers kept me alive, it meant that they had other plans for me. Based on my title as Mrs. Fuller, they either wanted to demand a ransom or use me to threaten Ashton.

No matter the reason, my life probably wasn’t in danger for now.

With that thought in mind, my nerves gradually calmed. After about half an hour, I heard an ear-splitting noise just before the lights came on, blinding my eyes.

Then came the voice of a middle-aged man. “The woman’s awake!”

After some time, my eyes finally adjusted to the light. I scanned my surroundings and realized that I was being held in a container. Right in front of me, there was a man approximately three meters away, but because his back was to the light, I couldn’t make out his features.

Despite that, I noticed that he was slightly plump and had a gravelly voice. Hence, I determined him as a middle-aged man. It was also partly because I caught a whiff of his cologne, which was usually what men who were quite accomplished would wear.

This man was no thug. Instead, he was either a business owner or a white-collar worker.

“She’s awake! Blindfold her and take her there!” said the man. Thereafter, a man with a thin frame came over. Their faces were covered, so I couldn’t see what they looked like.

I was still dizzy, so although I could see my surroundings clearly, my body couldn’t move at all. After my eyes were blindfolded, I was dragged on my feet for quite a long distance before being pushed into a room of some sort.

Then, my blindfold was untied. I had recovered some strength by then and questioned them with a hoarse voice. “Who are you? Why did you kidnap me here?”

The thin man didn’t speak, but the middle-aged man said, “Relax, Ms. Stovall. We invited you to watch a good show. After you’ve watched it, we’ll send you back.”

Then, the door to the room was slammed shut. I was seated on a dilapidated bed with my arms and feet tied up. After struggling a few times but to no avail, I gave up.

Suddenly, the sound of a conversation rang in the originally dim room.

“Ashton, you told me before that you’d divorce her and marry me. Don’t make me wait for too long, okay?”

Is this… Rebecca’s voice?

“Rebecca, stop kicking up a fuss!” Ashton’s voice sounded different from usual, as if he had a little too much to drink.

Why can I hear them talking? Who’s doing this?

“Ashton, are you in love with her? Is that why you don’t want to divorce her?” Her voice sounded frantic, making things seem rather suggestive between them.

Then came a rustling sound, probably from undressing. Ashton said in a tight voice, “Rebecca, don’t fool around. I’m already married to her.”


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