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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 33

What way?

I didn’t voice this question. Everyone had their own way of thinking, so I didn’t know what Jared meant. All I knew was that this child belonged to me alone.

Ashton never had any feelings for me to begin with. If Grandpa were still alive, I could probably stay by Ashton’s side for a few more years, but he was gone, so I didn’t have the confidence to continue holding onto him.

Risking my child to do it wasn’t a wise choice.

Silence stretched out between us before I spoke again. “Since I’m pregnant now, I’m afraid I’ll have to trouble you for the time being. As for everything else, I have my own plans. Thank you, Dr. Crest.”

He probably thought I didn’t understand him as a crease formed between his brows, but he didn’t say any more.

He sighed. “I have something to do later on. Remember to eat your medicine. I’ll take off first.”

After seeing him off, I didn’t eat the bowl of ginger carrot soup Ashton cooked for me as my stomach felt slightly uncomfortable. Perhaps it was because I was still in the early stage of pregnancy, I didn’t have any morning sickness, but I really didn’t have an appetite.

I had just gone back to the bedroom and lay down on the bed when my phone rang. It was an unknown number, but I picked it up anyway.

Half a beat passed before the person on the other end spoke. “It’s me, Rebecca!”

I blinked in surprise, then frowned. “Do you need something from me, Ms. Larson?”

“Let’s talk! I’ve sent you the address!”

Before I had the chance to refute, the line went dead.

I couldn’t fathom why Rebecca was looking for me now.

I bet it had something to do with Ashton though.

But what made her think that I would rush over to meet her just because she told me to? Looking at the address she sent to me, I took a screenshot and sent it to Ashton with a single sentence beneath it. Ms. Larson asked me to meet her, but I was afraid that I might get triggered and end up punching her, so I declined.

Ashton called me not long after the message was delivered.

I answered the call and leaned on the balcony railing while enjoying the scenery, then said in a carefree voice, “Yes, Mr. Fuller?”

After saying this, I could almost picture the frown on his face. “Where are you?” he asked in an unhappy tone.


“Mm.” There was a brief pause. “Rest well at home!”

I nodded. “Okay.”

It seemed that he had read my message. After ending the call, I couldn’t sleep and had nothing to do, so I went to his study out of boredom.

As I was constantly occupied by work previously, I rarely had time to look through the books here. Now that I had some time off, I deserved to laze around for a bit.

Ashton’s study was very large and there were all kinds of books here. I flipped through some books with illustrations to pass the time, and it didn’t take long for my back to feel sore.

I put down the book in my hand and wandered around the study. My gaze fell on a small cabinet tucked in the corner that looked slightly dated.

Out of curiosity, I searched through it and found some photos. They were quite old and worn, but I could tell that they were all photos of Ashton when he was young.

I’ve never met Ashton’s parents, so an old and faded photo of a young couple holding a baby together with smiles on their faces caught my eye.

The man’s eyes were quite similar to Ashton and Grandpa’s, so I deduced that he must be Ashton’s father. Hence, the woman, who looked gentle and elegant, was probably Ashton’s mother.

I flipped through the album and noticed that something didn’t add up. The next few photos showed Ashton’s parents carrying a baby girl. Confused, I turned back the pages and found that there were indeed several photos where there was a little girl, about two to three years old, standing beside Ashton’s parents.

In the past, Grandpa told me that Ashton was his parents’ only child. I don’t recall there ever being a daughter. As for Uncle Charlie and his wife, I heard that they didn’t want any kids, so this couldn’t be their daughter either.

Just who is this little girl in the photo?

With no other explanation, I assumed that it was the daughter of one of their neighbors from back then. Without giving it much thought, I continued looking through the album.

The photos at the back were of Ashton during his schooling days. This showed how sentimental Grandpa was, recording every special moment of his grandson’s life since he was but a baby and keeping them as memories.

At the end of the album was a group photo which seemed to have been taken more recent. Rebecca, Jared, and Joe were all in it.

There was a boy who looked bubbly and enthusiastic. All of them were good-looking in their own way, but this boy had a paler complexion, seeming like he had some kind of health condition. Because I didn’t recognize him, I didn’t try to figure out who he was.

The girl standing among the four boys was none other than Rebecca. At that time, she still gave off an innocent and shy vibe.

It was obvious at first glance that she was the precious little princess everyone coddled. How lucky.

After looking through all the photos, I felt like my heart was being squeezed by an invisible force. Ashton and Rebecca had a long history, while I had only known him for barely two years.

If it weren’t for my grandma’s illness and desperation which led her to bring me to meet Grandpa George, I would never have had the chance to marry Ashton.

If anything, I had only relied on Grandma and Grandpa George to marry Ashton. It was justifiable that he harbored no feelings toward me.

Come to think of it, even after such a long time, I never once stopped to think just how Grandma and Grandpa George came to know each other. Logically speaking, the Fullers were wealthy and influential, while Grandma was a rural old lady who lived in the countryside. Just how did they meet each other?


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