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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 25

Things would only get more complicated if he were to find out the truth. The situation between the three of us would worsen with the addition of this child.

Hence, I figured that leaving was the best option—a win-win situation for everyone.

I grew frantic upon parking outside the villa. Taking Ashton upstairs was not going to be an easy task.

After contemplating for a moment, I alighted the vehicle, walked toward the passenger seat and opened the car door. “Ashton,” I called out while tugging at his sleeve.

Ashton instantly woke up upon hearing his name. His stomach was probably giving him a hard time from all the whiskey he had drunk.

The man slowly opened his eyes and glanced at me before scanning his surroundings. “You brought me here?”

I nodded, unsure if he was already sober or still drunk. “Come on down. It’s late.”

It was already almost dawn by now. Being pregnant, I simply didn’t have the energy to stay up with him.

Ashton sat up straight, showing no intention of getting down the car. His dark eyes appeared harmless, but I knew he was in a volatile mood.

After giving it some thought, I eventually spoke up. “Do you want me to help you get down?”

“I’m going to bask in the sun for a while,” he answered and sat there motionlessly.

I was completely taken aback. Bask in the sun? Now?

How drunk is he?

“Okay. Take your time.” Feeling too awful to stay with him outside, I headed into the villa.

I returned to the bedroom and lay in bed. Then, the silence coming from the living room began to fill me with concern. What if he decided to head outside and got into an accident?

After struggling with my own thoughts, I got up and headed downstairs. To my surprise, Ashton was already lying on the couch in the living room.

I could finally sleep in peace.

After such a long night, I fell into a deep slumber and only woke up at noon.

With an appointment with Caleb in mind, I hurriedly washed up and headed out the door. By the time I arrived at work, Caleb was already waiting for me at the office.

He smiled apologetically upon seeing me. “Sorry to bother you at work, Ms. Stovall.”

Having just rushed over, I calmed my breathing and had Stacey pour Caleb a glass of water. Then, we signed both the completion and transfer agreements.

After we were done, Caleb offered, “It’s already noon. I suppose you haven’t had lunch, Ms. Stovall? How about a meal together? My wife’s been wanting to thank you. Do you happen to have some time?”

I didn’t actually have other plans, but I noticed Stacey gazing at me as though she had something to tell me. Hence, I smiled and turned the man down. “You’re too kind, Dr. Ludwick. I should be the one thanking you both. I’m afraid I have something to take care of today, so let’s meet up another time instead.”

Hearing that, Caleb left after exchanging some pleasantries.

Then, I turned to Stacey. “Mr. Fuller wants you to see him at his office, Ms. Stovall,” she said.

See him?

I furrowed my brows, feeling stunned. “Has our department done anything wrong recently?” Ashton normally wouldn’t summon me over personal affairs while at work.

Unless the issue was work-related.

Stacey nodded. “Finance has approached Mr. Fuller regarding the issue with Dr. Ludwick. Mr. Fuller seems rather unhappy about it and wants you to drop by the president’s office.”

“Okay,” I answered and headed to the top floor at once.

Ashton’s office gave off the same cold, stern vibe that he did. The atmosphere here felt chilly even in the midst of summer.

The spacious office area looked frosty and unwelcoming. The door to the meeting room was closed. Joseph caught sight of me. “Mr. Fuller is still in a meeting with Mr. Quinn and Dr. Crest, Ms. Stovall.”

I nodded while thinking. If Dr. Crest is Jared Crest, is Mr. Quinn referring to Joe Quinn?

I walked over to the couch and sat down. Glancing at my watch, it was now noon. I had left home in such a rush that I hadn’t had anything to eat. Thus, I was now starving.

Joseph poured me a glass of water and remarked icily, “Please wait a moment, Ms. Stovall. Mr. Fuller will be done in about half an hour.”

I took the glass from him. Brushing aside his cold front, I asked, “Has Mr. Fuller been drinking frequently, Mr. Campbell?”

Macy had mentioned that Ashton had been visiting her bar often, so I couldn’t help but try to find out why this was happening.

Hearing my question, Joseph stilled for a moment before answering, “I guess Mr. Fuller hasn’t been in the best mood.”

“Why?” There was no way Ashton would get so upset over the child. It usually had something to do with Rebecca.

Seeing me gaze at him with curiosity, Joseph coughed lightly. “I’m not too sure either.”

I fell silent.

This guy wasn’t being honest.

I slowly dozed off. Upon hearing a few people’s voices after what felt like forever, I tried my best to sit up straight.


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