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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1856

Chapter 1856 Pretending To Be Sick

Right at that moment, I was lying on a bed in the isolation ward. Breathing through the oxygen mask, I saw Rebecca’s reddened eyes when I opened my eyes.

Rebecca chuckled when she noticed that I was taken aback by her presence. “Haha! Are you shocked? Scarlett, don’t you think that you deserve this? After going against me for all your life, you’re going to die anyway. What a waste of time!”

Since I was a patient who was close to death, I could only widen my eyes to glare at her.

Since I could not move, Rebecca started pacing around my bed. She took the oxygen mask off my face and threw it on the floor. “You’ve always depended on others for protection. Back then, you needed Ashton and the other men, now you’re depending on this lousy mask. Come on, show me what you’ve got. Let’s see how long you can go without this thing.”

While speaking, she walked closer to the expensive medical devices and started to mess around with them. She mumbled, “Let me pull all these out and break them and see how you can keep glaring at me! Since you’re dying, why didn’t you just give me Ashton? You’ve destroyed me! I’ll kill you now and watch you suffer a terrible death!”

In the end, a flat line appeared on the heart rate monitor.

Since the truth was going to expose soon, I quickly pressed the emergency button under my blanket. That should send all the police who were hiding in the room next door to arrest Rebecca.

However, before I could even press it, Rebecca hugged the heart rate monitor and exclaimed, “Haha! She’s dead! Scarlett is dead! I finally killed her! I’m the happiest person in the world! There is no more Scarlett Stovall!”

She lunged herself at me, and her expression became nervous. Putting her index finger on her lips, she shushed me. “Shh! Scarlett is dead! Ashton is dead too! This is my world. I can do whatever I want! I’m the queen, so everyone loves me! I want everyone to love me!”

After screaming hysterically, she kept repeating her words. “I want everyone to love me. I want everyone to love me…”

While murmuring to herself, she walked out aimlessly. It seemed like she could not see me, and she looked like she was possessed.

After some time, someone disguised as a nurse came to ask me, “Mrs. Fuller, Mr. Fuller sent me in here. Are you all right? That crazy woman has probably escaped from the psychiatric ward. Did she scare you?”

“I’m fine.” I shook my head and ordered, “Send someone in to repair the medical devices.”

“Sure. Please hold on.”

I did not pay attention to her at all as I was busy thinking about Nathaniel.

What if he doesn’t come? What should I do? If he managed to escape, I would live in fear for the rest of my life.

Finally, in the middle of the night on the next day, footsteps rang on the entire floor of the hospital. I opened my eyes and found that everyone who was prepared for the ambush, was running downstairs.

Without a doubt, I knew that the scene was caused by Nathaniel.

I hurriedly yanked the IV tube which was stuck onto my body before I put on my jacket and went after the people.

Upon arriving at the back entrance, I saw Nathaniel being surrounded by the police in the middle of the road.

Although Nathaniel did not have any weapons in his hands, all the police still ran for cover. They dared not to confront an outlaw recklessly.

Nathaniel was looking at them disdainfully. He smirked as he despised everyone around him.

His expression made the police even more worried. They were afraid that he had a terrifying plan in place. Therefore, they did not dare to get closer to him.

Nathaniel noticed me among the crowd very quickly. His eyes darkened as he questioned, “Scarlett? Did you really fall sick?”

Clearly, he guessed that it was all a trick, but he still showed up.

I was deeply moved by him for a tad moment. Yet, that feeling stayed for just a mere second.


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