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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 18

Fuller Corporation’s collaboration with the hospital was a project under the national fund. As a construction and trade company, the collaboration with the hospital was under the company’s construction business. I was in charge of this project, as ordered by Ashton. Caleb was in fact, Martha’s husband.

We had both signed a contract, stipulating that full payment should have to be made before the completion of the construction. Unfortunately, Caleb had used the money from the fund elsewhere, so we couldn’t complete the construction.

To simply put it, Caleb couldn’t pay the balance to Fuller Corporation on time as stipulated by the contract.

After listening to Martha’s plea, I forced out a smile. “Mrs. Ludwick, you know very well that Ashton and I aren’t that close. It’s a huge sum of money. Ashton is known for his thoroughness at work. If something happens, I won’t be able to explain it to him.”

Martha panicked instantly. She thought about it and suggested, “Will one week do? Please extend the deadline by a week. When Caleb pays the balance, we’ll thank you personally.”

I could have easily agreed, but I chose to utter, “Mrs. Ludwick, Fuller Corporation isn’t an SME. We have strict rules regarding funding. If I help Dr. Ludwick, I’ll have to bear responsibility. Unless…”

I paused and glanced at her.

She immediately asked, “Unless what?” It was as if I was her last ray of hope.

I hesitated before answering, “Unless I have a reason to delay my work.”

Before she could answer, I added, “There’s a perfect excuse available now.”

“What is it?” Martha’s grip on her glass tightened.

“I need Dr. Ludwick’s help in arranging for an ob-gyn to tend to me. I’m going to abort my baby.”

Martha was shocked to hear my words. “Mrs. Fuller, you’re pregnant?”

I nodded. “I’m six weeks along.”

“Why are you aborting your child at this stage? Does Mr. Fuller know about your pregnancy?” Martha was confused. “You’ve been married for some time. The child has arrived at the perfect time!”

I gave her a faint smile. “Ashton and I aren’t ready yet.”

I paused briefly before adding, “I can use the excuse to delay the completion. Please inform Dr. Ludwick of my request.”

“Does Mr. Fuller know about this?” she repeated unconvincingly.

I nodded. “He does.”

“Well, that’s too bad.” She sighed.

That was it.

Stacey prepared some supplements for Martha before she left. “Go to the president’s office and ask Joseph to hand me the divorce agreement that Ashton drafted earlier,” I told her after Martha was gone.

Stacey was dumbfounded. “Ms. Stovall!”


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