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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 16

I nodded truthfully. “He wants a divorce. If I tell him of the baby, he might think that I am using it to keep us married.”

Jared raised a brow in question. “But he already knows of it. What will you do?”

I was taken aback by his question.

Trying to sound him out, I asked, “Will Ashton want a child?”

“I’m not Ashton,” replied Jared. He placed his phone in his pocket as he glanced at me. “But Ashton is thirty. There’s no reason for him to refuse one.”

With that, he placed his hands in his pockets and left.

Does that mean that Ashton will want me to have the baby?

It seemed that my optimism was premature. When Rebecca barged into my room, I was still hooked onto the IV drip. She rushed in rashly as she gripped my throat.

Her eyes were red-rimmed. “Why? Why did you get pregnant? Scarlett, you killed my baby. I won’t let your baby live!”

As she was holding me in a chokehold, I couldn’t breathe. All I could do was try to pry her hands off my neck. She had obviously lost control of herself.

“I won’t let you give birth to a baby. You won’t use the baby to tie Ash to you!” she declared viciously.

She was petite and frail, but right now, my resistance was futile in the face of her strength.

I managed to choke out a few words, “Kill me… And you will pay…”

She sneered and tightened her grip. “I get to kill both mother and child. It’s worth it!”

“Rebecca, what are you doing?” a man’s voice rang from the door.

Upon hearing the familiar voice, Rebecca stiffened at once. The menace in her gaze faded away. As tears streamed down her eyes, she collapsed onto the ground at Ashton’s sudden appearance.

Ashton caught her in time while I regained my freedom again. I immediately gasped for air.

It took us a while to calm down. Rebecca was sobbing pitifully in Ashton’s arms by now. “Ash, you promised me that you wouldn’t allow other women to give birth to your child. You gave me your word!”

I stared at the loving couple calmly. The sight of them made my stomach churn.

Ashton glanced at me coolly as he patted Rebecca’s back to console her. “Stop crying. You’ve just recovered, hmm?” he asked, his voice deep and resounding.

Rebecca looked up at him. She wiped her tears away and inquired, “Ash, you won’t allow her to give birth to the baby, right?”

I stared directly at Ashton, waiting for his answer anxiously.

Ashton couldn’t even be bothered to look at me. Instead, he gazed at Rebecca tenderly as he swept her tears away. “Stop it, Rebecca.”

I sighed in relief inwardly at his answer. At least he isn’t going to ask me to abort the baby.

“No!” Rebecca grew emotional once again. Her tears started gushing out uncontrollably as she tugged at Ashton’s shirt pitifully. “Ash, you promised me that you would take care of me. After my brother died, you were the only one who I could depend on.”

Sniffling, she pointed at me. “If she gives birth to your child, you won’t divorce her, right? Will you go back on your word to take care of me forever? You’ll have your own family, but I’ll have nothing. I don’t want to end up alone.”


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