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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 15

If I were lucky enough, I would possibly bump into a kind driver who would offer to give me a ride home. As it was pouring, the tiny umbrella didn’t manage to serve its purpose. Soon enough, I was drenched.

I was seriously unlucky as I was still alone after walking for some time. My belly was throbbing painfully by now. After a while, I could no longer hold back the pain that was attacking my belly.

Worried for my child, I soon decided to stop as I hurriedly covered my belly. Eventually, I knelt on the ground in pain. I reached into my pocket, but my phone wasn’t there. I must have left it in the car earlier.

Nevertheless, I was too far away from my car now. My stomach was throbbing so painfully that I couldn’t make the journey back. I held on to a rock by the side of the road for support, limping forward slowly. As I was sweating buckets, I finally succumbed and got on my knees.

Suddenly, I felt something flowing down between my legs. Oh no, my child is about to leave me.

According to an old nursery rhyme, little girls were made of sugar, spice, and everything nice.

Alas, not all little girls were destined to lead a delightful life. Some of them were born in poverty and despair, destined for a life of pain.

When I heard the splitting sound of a car hitting its brakes, my vision grew blurry.

Forcing my eyes open, I saw a black Jeep with the plate number ACL999. It was Ashton’s car.

Upon realizing that it was him, I mustered up all of my remaining energy as I struggled to stand to my feet.

Unfortunately, seeing as I had been kneeling on the ground for too long, and my head was spinning, I lost balance and toppled backward.

“Foolish woman!” The man’s cool voice sounded in my ear. I struggled to open my eyes, but my eyelids were too heavy. I could sense Ashton bringing me into his car before I lost consciousness.

When I regained my consciousness again, I was in a daze. A white ceiling greeted me the moment my eyes fluttered open. I’m in the hospital.

Shifting uncomfortably, I realized that my body was aching all over.

Instinctively, I reached out to caress my belly.

“Don’t worry. Your baby is fine.” A sudden male voice brought me out of my reverie. Turning toward the voice, I saw Jared.

After a pause, I asked, “Why…” Why are you here? My throat was burning, so I couldn’t even complete my sentence.

He arched a brow and left to pour me a cup of water. When he returned, he helped me up from the bed. I immediately tried to resist being near to him by putting my arms out between us.

Ignoring my actions, he placed the cup right by my lips. I reached out to take it myself, but he brushed me away. “Drink it!”

I obliged.

After taking a few sips of water, I felt better.

He helped me to lay down before placing the cup by the bed. I gazed at him as I parted my lips. “Thank you!”

He was looking at his phone and he soon murmured in response.

I contemplated for a while before asking, “Is Ashton aware that I am pregnant?” If I wasn’t mistaken, it was Ashton who had brought me to the hospital last night. Since Jared knew about it, Ashton must have been informed too.

Jared froze before he squinted at me. “You don’t want him to know?”


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