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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 122

“Okay, I’ll end the call then,” I replied.

Looking at the rockery in the backyard, my heart raced as if someone was gently squeezing it. It hurt a little, but I felt touched.

Ashton was good at taking care of others. I had known that a long time ago. If someone had a place in his heart, he would take care of that person until that person knew not how to do anything.

However, I could not help but wonder, How long will days as heartwarming and perfect as these last?

The sun slowly set, and Devon had indeed instructed someone to send the soup to me. What came with the soup were some dishes that were suitable for pregnant women.

I did not eat much. After the men who were remodeling the rooms were gone, I walked around the house.

Many parts of the house had changed. The collections that were originally in the living room were gone. Some I had broken, and the remaining Ashton had kept it at the warehouse.

Warm lights were installed in the dark house, and even the brown couch was changed into a deep blue one. The house now felt somewhat homely.

A carpet had been placed over the grand staircase, and many warm-palette paintings now hung by the corridor. As for the nursery, the men had furnished the room with a sky-blue theme – a perfect choice.

Just by looking at the room, one could not help but brighten up.

However, tears brimmed in my eyes. Is he doing this for the baby or me?

It’s probably for the baby.

I clung to that moment, hoping that it would freeze in time as I remained in the nursery. In my daze, I did not realize the house’s doorbell had been ringing for ages.

After finally registering the noise, I rushed down the stairs.

It turned out to be Joe. As I had taken quite some time before I opened the door, he had a scornful look on his face. “How big is the house that Ms. Stovall needs to take so long to reach the door?”

I ignored his harsh comment. I then spotted Ashton, who was leaning against the rockery. It seemed like he was drunk.

When I walked over to him, the strong scent of alcohol wafted across my nose. Frowning, I helped him up before looking at Joe. “Thank you for sending him back.”

He did not reply, only giving me another look before he left.

I slowly supported Ashton back to the bedroom. He seemed like he was drunk, but not at the same time—he seemed distracted, and he was quiet. All he did the entire time was to hang his head in a daze.

“Do you feel unwell?” I asked as I shook his body a little.

He raised his head to look at me, and I could see his eyes were unfocused. “Have you eaten?”

I nodded and sighed. It seemed like he had drunk more than usual, so I stood up to get him some water. However, he stopped me.

Pulling me to his leg, he narrowed his eyes. “Where are you going?”

“I’m getting some water for you.” Why does he look like a child when he acts like this?

He slowly nodded. “I’ll come with you.” With that said, he stood up. Unfortunately for him, his body refused to cooperate, and he sat back down when he lost his balance.

“It’s fine. Be good and sit here. I’ll get you some water. Stop making things difficult for yourself.” You’re already in such a state. Why are you insisting on coming with me?

After returning with some water for him, I saw his arms hanging by the side of his body, as if he had no bones. I could not help but sigh as I lifted the glass to his lips. “Open your mouth.”

Squinting at me, he mumbled, “Scarlett.”

“Yes.” After he took a sip, I reached out, about to take his clothes off when he stopped me. “Don’t move.”

“Ashton, you should seriously get some sleep now.” A glance at the time told me it was already midnight.

He nodded, stood up, and announced, “Okay, I’ll be heading home first. It’s not safe for Scarlett to be alone.”


How much did he drink?

Pulling him back to the bed, I cupped his cheeks and told him, “Ashton, you’re already home. Look at me. I’m Scarlett.”

He widened his eyes to look at me again. The usual coldness in his eyes was nowhere to be found at that moment. Instead, some tenderness was in his eyes. He reached up to touch my face and smiled. “You’ve come to pick me up. Let’s go home.”

It looks like he really drank a lot.

“Okay, let’s go home,” I relented as I helped him up. Just as I was about to take him around the house before coming back, he ended up dragging me down the stairs, stumbling the entire time.

Out of all the rooms in the house, he brought me to the main bedroom. I thought it had been completely remodeled, but it had not. The sandalwood bed was gone; it had been changed into a tatami.

The wedding photos we took back then covered the wall, and a small pastel cot was by the side of the bed.

The wardrobe remained, but the men had changed it to a walk-in closet instead. It was spacious. I liked it a lot.

I only saw what changed in the master bedroom when I entered then; I had only checked out the nursery earlier.

Ashton took me around the room before giving me a silly grin. “Do you like it?”

“I do.” He was an aloof man, so I was sure that the remodeled color palette was meant for me.

He had drunk a lot. After walking around the room, he fell asleep on the bed.

Monday soon arrived.

It was a working day – Ashton usually woke early. As I had nothing else to do, I came to the office with him.

Stacey had rested a few days by now. When I saw her again, she looked much better. It seemed like she had finally collected herself.

When she caught sight of me, she smiled. “Ms. Stovall, I wish to talk to you.”

I nodded and led her into the office.

Stacey was someone I had known for two to three years, and in certain personality aspects, we were the same. After motioning her to take a seat, I said, “I’ve already sent in the audit for Fuller Corporation. You’ll have to pay more attention to HiTech’s case. My stomach is growing larger, and I’m experiencing more pregnancy symptoms by the day. There might be things I might miss out on, so it’ll be best if you go through them too.”


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