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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 121

Mrs. Eriksen had prepared many things in the kitchen. I was as lazy as my norm, so I rarely entered the kitchen. Even if I did, mac and cheese was the most common dish I would make.

In terms of cooking, Macy and I were the same kind of people. In the past, Grandma always said that women should not be in the kitchen. Instead, we should read more books and delve into more poetic activities.

As time went by, the kitchen became a place I rarely entered. Now that I thought about it, it was because Grandma loved me and was reluctant to make me work in the kitchen. That was why she had said those words to me.

Since I was staying home, I did not want to waste my time lazing around. Therefore, I decided to cook something. After preparing all the ingredients, I poured some oil into the pan.

Right then, Ashton came down after his shower. I froze when I saw his styled hair. “You have something to do today?”

He nodded in answer. Entering the kitchen and seeing the uncooked food, he asked, “I’ll be going out for a bit. Will you be fine at home by yourself?”

I hummed as a reply and put the meat into the pan. As the meat flopped in, the oil on the pan splashed onto my hand, and I retracted my arm instinctively.

Instantly, I hissed in pain.

Swiftly, Ashton took the pan from my hand and pushed me to the side. “Let your hand stay under the cold water for a while. I’ll cook.”

After putting my hand under the tap for a while, I stood aside and watched him move around the kitchen. His movements were smooth with no trace of hesitation.

It differed him from the other rich men.

Having nothing to do, I grabbed an orange and asked, “Who are you meeting later?”

He scooped spaghetti into a pot as he looked at me. “Rebecca and Zachary are about to go back to K City, so they’ve invited a few of us to lunch.”

I froze until I saw an oil stain on his sleeve. Only then did I take off my apron and put it on him instead. “Okay. Don’t drink and come back earlier.”

Everyone had their own paths to walk, and I could not force Ashton to cut ties with Rebecca. After all, they were human, not machines.

He nodded and left a kiss on my forehead. “Don’t overthink it. Jared, Joe, Cameron, and Zachary will be there too. You’re pregnant, so it won’t be convenient for you to move too much.”

I nodded in response before I took the plate out of the kitchen to the dining room.

After scooping a portion for himself, he untied the apron and took my hand to check on it. “Does it still hurt?”

He then stood up and walked toward the cupboard.

When I saw him taking the first-aid kit, I hastily said, “I’m fine. It doesn’t hurt anymore.”

However, he ignored my words. Sitting beside me, he applied a thin layer of ointment to my hand.

The two of us had a quiet lunch before he mumbled some reminders and left.

After he left, I started to get bored being alone in the spacious house. Hence, I headed to the study room and started reading The Brief History Of Time.

When Macy called, I was on the verge of falling asleep. She roared into the phone, “What are you doing? Your man is probably going to-”

“Going to what? It’s daytime now.” I was leaning on the balcony; the warm sunlight was making me sleepier.

“So what if it’s daytime? Do you not have feelings in the day? Ashton and Rebecca just entered Winthem Hotel. Aren’t you going there to take a look?”

Macy sounded urgent, and I could guess that she was shopping outside as I could even hear the clack of her heels.

“You’re pregnant, so stay at home. Stop wearing heels.”

I yawned before looking at the clock. It was now five in the evening, and it had been hours since Ashton had left the house.

I had been sitting down for hours, so my back was feeling uncomfortable.

“Wait, I’m talking to you about your man. Aren’t you going to take a look?” Macy sounded urgent. “That woman, Rebecca, is dressed up all lavish. I’d say it’s best for you to check them up.”

I hummed disinterestedly in response. “Have you had your dinner? Do you want to come to my house for it?”

“F*ck!” She then grunted, “You… Forget it. I’m not going to your house. I’ll be going home straight after shopping.”

After ending the call, I walked out of the study room and took a short stroll in the villa’s backyard.

The weather was nice for the stroll. In the backyard was a row of blue jacarandas, and by now, it was the right season for blooming. The blue flowers were scattered across the grass patch, and it was a picturesque scene.

Not long after, someone rang the doorbell of the villa. Just as I turned to head to the door, my phone rang.

It was from Ashton.

After picking up the call and before I could say anything, he uttered, “Open the door. They’re here to furnish the nursery. Also, the sunroom on the top floor isn’t the best room for resting, so I’ve asked them to remodel the master bedroom too. You’ll rest better there.”

I gave him a short hum in response and opened the door. The middle-aged man who appeared outside the house looked at me and greeted, “Hello, Mrs. Fuller. We’re the ones Mr. Fuller asked to furnish the nursery.”

I nodded before opening the door wider to let them in.

I then muttered into the phone, “Where are you? When are you coming back?”

“I’m at Winthem Hotel. I might be a little late. I’ve ordered some soup for you for dinner and asked Mr. Lewis to bring it to you later.”

He sounded nonchalant though he had arranged everything perfectly for me.


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