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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 119

Realizing it was me by the door, he stiffened. “What’s the matter?”

“I’m here to visit you.” I put the takeaways I bought for him on his desk. “I know you haven’t eaten, so I brought you some food.”

Confused by my actions, he asked, “You don’t ever come without reason. What’s up?”

Rendered speechless for a second, I flashed him an awkward smile. “Do you remember the time I went to A City for a business trip?”

He nodded as he started digging into his food. Perhaps he had been in the office the entire day, for I could see that he seemed weary.

I continued, “When I asked you to pick Macy up, did you leave after you sent her to the hotel?”

I was not good with words. An outstanding example of it would be this moment. I had wanted to ask him about it in a subtle manner, but I ended up being straightforward.

All his motions halted, and he looked at me incredulously. “You’re not good at taking the long route. Speak your mind.”

I covered my face for a brief moment, feeling foolish.

“Did you do it with Macy that night?” Right after the words left my mouth, I had the urge to hit my head on the desk. What the f*ck did I just say?

He looked at me and lifted a brow. “Do what?”

It was immensely awkward and inappropriate to discuss this with a man.

Unfortunately, I was the one who started the topic; I could not stop it right now.

“Did you guys have sex?” I rephrased my question before waiting for his reply with a burning face.

He covered his takeaway and leaned back. Looking at me without any expressions in his eyes, he inquired, “Why don’t you tell me why you’re asking this?”

I was two seconds away from cursing at him.

However, I could not tell him about Macy’s pregnancy. I did not know whether his knowledge would be a good thing or a bad thing for her. Instead, I said, “I think she’s ill.”

He had been sipping on a glass of water at that moment, and he spat out his mouthful of water upon hearing my answer.

I took a piece of tissue and handed it to him. After dabbing the puddle of water on his desk, he questioned, “Are you serious?”

“Yes.” I felt a little guilty, but the words were already out of my mouth. All I could do was to steel myself and repeated, “So did you two…”

Jared raised both brows before he responded, “You should rest more since you’re already four months pregnant. Everything you say and do will affect the development of the baby.”

I was definitely baffled by his reply.

Did he just change the topic?

With that said, the man stood up and went back to his work. He gave me no more replies about what had happened that night.

However, his silence was an answer as well—it was likely that he had slept with her.

Right as I was about to open my mouth again, someone pushed open Jared’s office door. It was Ashton, striding in with his long legs.

Jared turned a little to look at him before he uttered, “Take your wife home and talk to her about sexual relationships. She seemed unusually curious about it.”


Ashton walked toward me as the look in his eyes darkened. He then peeked at Jared and asked, “What did she ask you?”

Jared shrugged, seemingly exasperated. “She asked me if I’ve slept with Macy.”

When my husband stared at me, I gave him a dry laugh before I awkwardly explained, “I was just curious. Why don’t you ask him about it on my behalf?”

“Did you?” That was Ashton’s question for Jared.

“What?” The latter jumped to his feet from his chair. Glaring at us, he groaned, “You two are indeed peas from the same pod. Hurry up and leave.”

Although I had gotten no direct answer, I was not going to continue interrogating him.

It seemed like Ashton was here for me, as he helped me up before he headed out of the office with me. While I walked behind him, I felt a trace of fear enlace my heart.

After boarding the car, Ashton remained silent. It seemed like anger to me, but I could not be sure.

Unable to comprehend what he was feeling at that moment, I asked, “Have you eaten?” It was mealtime anyway.

He stayed silent for a long time.

Fifteen minutes later, he parked his car at a restaurant and got down from the car. I hurriedly followed him, jogging for a short distance.

After finally sitting down, he queried, “What do you want to eat?”

“Anything is fine. I’m not picky.” Looking at him, I sensed that he was going to lose his temper in a moment. Yet, even after mulling over what happened earlier, I could not think of the reason for his anger. Regardless, I knew he was in a foul mood.

Soon, our orders were served. Not feeling hungry, I ate a few mouthfuls before I watched him eat with my hand supporting my chin.

Ashton was a quick eater, but my constant staring made him slow down. He lifted his head and smirked in a playboy-like manner. “If you don’t want to eat your food, do you want to eat me?”


“Then why are you looking at me in that manner?”

I straightened up and shook my head, avoiding his question. “I’m not hungry.”

He put down his fork as he raised his brows. “Something on your mind?”

“Yes.” I nodded before confessing, “There are a lot of problems with HiTech. The factory in South District has halted operations for half a year, but there are still ongoing records of the company’s current account.”

“I know that,” he replied. “Anything else?”


“Will Dr. Crest’s parents be mindful about their future daughter-in-law’s family background?” Jared’s parents were prominent figures in K City, and Jared himself was an excellent doctor. I was afraid of how they would handle this matter if her child really turned out to belong to the man.


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