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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 118

I shook my head and weakly leaned back on the seat. “Anything will do.”

I had not done anything, but I felt abnormally exhausted.

Noticing my state, he buckled my safety belt for me and continued, “Let’s go home for the meal. After eating, you should get some rest for a while.”

Nodding, I closed my eyes, about to nap.

The following days, I remained worn out. I was only four months pregnant, and my stomach was not necessarily that big, so I could still work.

The audit for Fuller Corporation was now completed, so I felt relieved.

Due to the AC’s incident, Stacey had come to me with a letter of resignation. However, I did not approve it, asking her to rest at home for a while instead.

On the weekend, I made an appointment with Joe, hoping to learn more about the factory in South District.

It would be inappropriate for me to report this to the company – especially since he was Ashton’s friend.

Thus, I decided to have a private chat with the man instead.

The café was playing soft music, making the atmosphere in the shop seem light. After ordering a glass of juice, Joe stared at me with an impatient look. “What did you want to talk about?”

“Do you hate me because of Rebecca, or is it because of something else?” I queried, sounding as if I wanted to make small talk with him.

He was taken aback for a second before he let out a laugh. “Is that what you wanted to talk to me about?”

Shaking my head, I denied, “No, I muttered tiredly, “I was just asking.”

“Everyone has to keep walking forward. Ashton and I have already gotten married. You like Rebecca, so why don’t you tell her about your feelings and get together with her?”

“Are you done?” His expression turned grim. “Scarlett, who do you think you are? Do you think you’re an all-powerful being? Do you think the best will happen just because you said so?”

I lowered my gaze, falling silent.

Persuasion was not a strong point of mine, so I stopped pursuing the topic. “All right, forget it. Let’s talk about the factory you stopped production in South District.”

Tensing up, his gaze landed on me for a long while before he said, “I’m surprised you found out about it.”

“I want to know why you did that.”

This was part of my job, so I did not bother with courtesy and small talk anymore.

“Why don’t you ask Ashton about it? Why are you asking me about this first?”

Lowering my gaze, I answered, “You were the one in charge of HiTech in the past. The factory in South District was halted for half a year. Although I don’t know how you got the funds for half a year, I don’t think you have any malicious intentions. I think you simply couldn’t deal with it alone. Moreover, you’re friends with Ashton. I hope there won’t be any unnecessary fights between the two of you.”

“Ha,” he sneered. “Scarlett, aren’t you too naïve?”

He raised a brow at me before cynically replying, “You can talk to Ashton about HiTech. He knows what he should do.”

“However,” he paused to laugh before saying, “although I hate you in certain ways, I admire your work. You’re not bad of a business partner to have, but that doesn’t mean you’re not a despicable person.”

Knowing that he was always mean, I did not take his words to heart.

Since I had spoken my piece, there was nothing else to talk about. Hence, I bid him farewell.

The moment I stepped out of the café, Macy called, sounding upset.

She told me to head to the hospital.

After reaching the said location, I parked my car in the parking lot. It was then I found her on the first floor of the hospital, looking helpless and in a daze.

The woman had a medical report in her hands which I quickly took from her.

It was the results of a blood test and an ultrasound. I was dumbfounded when I noticed the time at the top of the report. “Eight weeks? Whose?”

Although I knew that she would sometimes…

However, she always made sure to use protection. How can she possibly be pregnant?

She lowered her head into her hands and tugged on her hair helplessly. “When you were away for a business trip in A City.”

After recalling my trip, I looked at her and asked, “The night you got drunk?” That night, I had not been able to pick her up, so I had asked Jared to pick her up instead.

However, Jared was a disciplined man who would not go around carelessly laying his finger on women.

“Was it Jared?”

She remained quiet, seemingly not planning to tell me the truth.

After a long while, she raised her head to say, “I’m planning to sell my house at Glenwood. I’m going to move to Q City.”

I nodded. “Okay. I have some money saved up. No matter what you choose, I’ll respect your decision.”

It seemed like she was planning to keep the baby. I knew her too well. We were both lonely souls, so we loved the angels sent to us by God dearly.

Hearing my words, some of the gloom on her face dissipated. She pulled me to sit beside her and leaned toward me. “Letty, we won’t be lonely from now on.”

She was right. With our angels, we would not be lonely anymore.

After accompanying her for a while, I sent her back before I headed to the office.

I had nothing to do there, but Jared spent most of his weekends in the office. After knocking on the door what seemed to be eons, the man finally opened the door with a tired look.


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