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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 114

The factory was abandoned, and the people who once lived in the alley moved. As Bradley had been awarded tens of thousands for his efforts, he was about to move to somewhere else with his wife and daughter.

Right on the night before he moved, Bradley Markle and his family were admitted to the office for food poisoning. At the same time, someone had bombed the processor of the abandoned factory.

As it was a deserted factory, not many cared about what happened to it. After Bradley and his family stayed in the hospital for three days, all but one died—his daughter. She had survived, but she could not mentally function the same as before.

It was a small county – no one would bat an eye at the death of a family. However, I knew Bradley did not die from food poisoning. John Stovall had murdered him by sticking a needle into the top of his scalp. That was also the way the man’s wife had died.

However, Macy had not died because John saw me. Back then, I had just finished my exams, and I had gone to the hospital to visit Macy. At that time, I saw everything he did.

She survived, but for a long time, she could not bear to look at John.

I was not much better off than her. I was not even twenty at that time, but I had witnessed two people dying. After witnessing their deaths, I had a high fever for dozens of days before I recovered.

Neither Macy nor I ever mentioned it. We were young and foolish, and we never thought of calling the police. After that day, the thought of John hung over both Macy and me like death.

It lasted for two years. Later, Grandma was diagnosed with lung cancer. To save up for her medical fees, I sold the house and brought Grandma to J City. From then on, I kept her company while she underwent treatment as I studied.

Macy did not attend school. She had no friends nor family, so she came to J City to work.

John’s disappearance had something to do with the ones that came from K City. I heard rumors that it had been a developer who had come to bring their grandson home.

After that, I stopped hearing news about him.

Macy and I continued living in J City, where I worked and studied. I often took time out to accompany Grandma in the hospital. After almost three years of chemotherapy, Grandma was starting to decline in health, and the money from selling the family home was slowly depleting.

It was difficult to study and work at the same time, so I started having thoughts of dropping out of school. After hearing about it, Grandma fumed, and that was when she looked for George.

Grandma told me she had known the man for many years. If he were to take care of me after she was gone, she would be at peace.

In less than a year, Grandma ended the agony of chemotherapy. She refused to undergo it anymore. Soon, she was gone.

After I graduated from college, George asked me to marry Ashton.

That was over twenty years of my life summarized into simple words. In my memories, John was nothing but a touch of gloom; I simultaneously hated and feared him.

I despised the man; I did not want to be around him. I walked around him, trying to leave, but he hugged me from behind.

“Letty, since I’m back now, I won’t leave anymore.”

I tried to break free from him, but I was no match for his strength. Hence, I frowned and uttered, “John, I don’t want to see you. You should know that from the moment you appeared.”

“It’s okay. We can take it slow.” As he spoke, he turned me around and looked me in the eye. “I can give you anything you want.”

“Can you give me the life of Mr. Markle and his family?” I questioned. “It’s been so many years. If you never came to me, I would’ve forgotten about that moment in my life. However, John, your appearance reminded me of it. I can’t guarantee that I can keep it a secret.”

The man laughed, a sound as cold as always. “Do you think you can do anything by going to the police now? Their bodies are already cremated. What do you think the cops can find out? Moreover, do you really think Macy can live the rest of her life peacefully? She escaped from me back then, but it doesn’t mean I’ll let her go.”

“You’ve already killed her parents!” I cried out in agitation. “John, you know they weren’t at fault. Don’t you feel even a little remorseful all these years?”

“Remorseful?” He sneered, “They had it coming.”

At that, he leaned closer to me as the corner of his lips tilted upward. “My family was destroyed, so why should they be allowed to have a good life?”

I lowered my head as I clenched my fists in anger. For a moment, I had forgotten that he was a stubborn-headed man. He refused to listen to anyone – he had already lost his mind.

Suppressing the upset in my heart, I tried to push him away. However, he was a man, and I was a woman; he did not budge an inch.

Right as we were in a stalemate, I heard a sudden screech of a car braking. Before I could turn around to look, I heard a groan.

John, who had been hugging me, released his grip on me, and I fell into someone else’s arms.

Snapping my head back, I realized it was Ashton. At the sight of him, I furrowed my brows. Isn’t he supposed to be in the hospital? Why is he here?

John let out a huff. Ashton had hit him, so there was now blood by the corner of the man’s lip. After balancing himself, his lips curled, and he raised his hand to wipe the blood away. Then, he sneered at Ashton.

“Again?” the latter voiced glacially as he let go of me.

The two men were about the same height and build. If they really engaged in a fight, neither would have an upper hand.

“When did you meet him?” Jared, who had come with Ashton, walked toward me as he cast a casual glance at John. The doctor rarely expressed strong emotions, so I could not guess what he was thinking about at that moment.


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