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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 112

Last night, I stayed as I had no other choice. If I were to stay over again tonight, I would get a migraine.

He nodded at me and remarked, “Your leftovers were tasty.”

My what?

A moment later, I realized what he meant and glared at him. “You pervert!”

He raised his eyebrows and exclaimed innocently, “Wait… no! I meant your… leftovers!”

Just how childish is this guy?

Ignoring him, I cleaned up and informed, “Well, I’m leaving now!”

He grabbed my wrist again. “Are you seriously going to leave me alone here?”

“You can call your sweet Rebecca over!” I mocked.

He frowned and continued, “Why are you rushing to leave? Do you hate to see me so badly? Or are you rushing to meet someone? Nick? Or is it John?”

I was not in the mood, so I shrugged off his hand. “So Mr. Fuller can look for his sweet lover, but I can’t even meet my close friends? Hypocrite much?”

Ashton seemed to be getting upset, and my mood worsened at the thought of Rebecca. “So Mr. Fuller can talk about anything under the stars with Ms. Larson, yet I can’t even meet my friends for casual catchup? My relationships are not as complicated as yours!”

“Hah! Oh, wow, the pot calling the kettle black! Your relationships are definitely more complicated!” He sneered, and the room’s atmosphere turned tense that instant. “Would you like me to show you?”

With that, he used his strength and tossed me over his shoulder. Pulling out the drip needle on his arm, he flipped and pressed me down underneath him.

“Ashton, let me go!” I yelled.

“Let you go? You agitated me on purpose so that I’d do this, right? Why are you complaining now?” He said in agitation.

“Ashton, you should just tell me if you don’t want the child. There’s no need for you to harm the baby this way.” At that point, I knew that it was pointless for me to struggle anymore, so I tried to calm myself down.

He stopped at that. With his gaze darkened, he sighed, “Scarlett, what do you want me to do?”

I remained silent as my heart was clenching in pain. Just when would this torture end?

“For starters, you can get off me!”

Issues like these couldn’t possibly be explained or solved in just a few days.

“I’m afraid I can’t!” He insisted.

Then, he inched closer to my lips, causing my face to flush. “Ashton, we’re at the hospital! Have some self-control, will you?” I exclaimed.

“I know that, but are you up for it?” He smirked.

“No!” I rejected his advancement as I wanted to keep my boundaries.

He then planted a kiss on my forehead and pulled me into an embrace. At that moment, I wanted to escape so badly.

After some time, he was still holding me in his embrace, so I was starting to get restless. “Are you done?” I exclaimed.

“Just a while more,” he said softly.


Finally, he let go of me and rolled over to lie on his back.

I did not wish to stay any longer, so I got up, straightened my clothes and left the ward.

Coincidentally, I bumped into Rebecca in the corridor. Just my luck – my flushed face had not subsided yet.

From her riled-up expression, I could tell that she had witnessed that interaction I had with Ashton earlier.

“Scarlett, you b*tch!”

“Mmm-hmm, but you’re not any better, either. You were shamelessly peeking at us!” I clenched my jaw and continued, “You can head in now. Maybe he’ll pull you onto his bed too. After all, he’s full of stamina.”

I stepped aside to make way for her, but she left.

Since Ashton’s sweat was still on my hands, I went to the restroom and washed them thoroughly.

By the time I left, the sun had set, and the sky was already dark.

John had been pestering me a lot recently. The moment I saw his car parked in the basement of my villa, I immediately turned my car towards Glenwood Apartments.

He stopped his car in front of mine, intentionally blocking my way. “There’s no need to hide, Scarlett. I’ll always find you.”

After that, he got off his car, walked over leisurely, and leaned against my car window.

That’s right – there was nowhere for me to hide.

“What do you want?” I asked him while I got off my car and glared at him.

“Let’s leave this place, Letty! I’ve missed you so much!”

“I bet you were thinking of ways to torture me and to get me depressed,” I sneered.

Right then, he shut his eyes for a few minutes and pondered for a while before saying, “You are unhappy with Ashton, aren’t you?” He was right.

“No, we’re so happy together!” I shook my head and clarified.

“And how long do you think this will last? After all, you snatched him away from Zachary’s daughter,” he smirked.

I do not wish to answer his meaningless questions, so I exclaimed, “You came all the way here just to ask me such silly questions?”

To that, he cut the chase and went straight to his motive. “Follow me back to R Province. I’ve bought our family home and renovated it to be exactly how it was – the way you liked it.”

“Back to living in depression with you?”

Upon hearing that, his face turned dark, and he frowned. “Letty, I never intended to hurt you.”


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