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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 106

The phone in my pocket vibrated.

I answered the call and immediately heard a cold voice screech, “Scarlett!”

It was Ashton. I guess he must have come out of the ER.

“Yes!” I answered. Upon seeing I’m on a call, Nick stood up and went to get some drinks.

“What are you doing?” I could tell that the man on the other side of the line was not in a good mood.

“I’m having barbecue now!” I told him, frankly.

He responded with a cold short. “Enjoying barbecue while your husband is still at the hospital? You’re seriously the best wife ever.”

I pressed my lips into a thin line. “Since you still have the strength to be mad at me, I guess you’re doing fine.”

If he can quarrel with me, his injuries mustn’t be that serious, right?

Nick soon returned with a few bottles of drinks and said, “Have some drinks to cool you down.”

I gave him a thumbs-up to express my appreciation.

“Who’s that? Who’s with you?” Ashton asked impatiently.

“Mr. Harrison from Harrison Credit.” I grew a little annoyed as I was having a hard time talking to him over the phone and barbecuing my food at the same time. “Is there anything else you want to know? If not, I’ll end the call now.”

“Do you still remember you have a husband? You should be taking care of me!” He sounded angry.

That was when I, too, got a little irritated. “I’m sure you have people to take good care of you. If I’m not mistaken, Ms. Larson is there with you, right? What if I get into a fight with her, and you can’t do anything about it? I think it’s better for me to stay away from you. Take care! Goodbye!”

I hung up the call, put my phone on silent mode, and continued to enjoy the barbecue with Nick.

It took us about two hours to complete the barbecue, and we left after Nick had paid for the dinner. As we walked around the area, the man noticed some pop-up stalls. “Do you want to go and have a look?”

I turned down his offer as I was not a big fan of shopping. “Let’s just go home.”

Nick raised his brows in questioning silence but eventually walked me back to the car.

I’m glad he didn’t drink tonight and was able to send me home.

Upon arriving at the villa, Nick stopped his car by the entrance and looked me in the eyes. “If one day, Ashton and you decide to go separate ways, I can take care of you and the baby. I promise you that.”

I responded with a wry smile, “Thank you, but I don’t think that will ever happen. It’s late now. You should head home.”

Seeing that he did not drive his own car today, I allowed him to drive mine home.

The moment I stepped into the villa, I saw someone I did not wish to see. It was the one and only Rebecca Larson.

She was sorting out Ashton’s clothes in the living hall. Perhaps Mrs. Eriksen was busy with something else.

Our eyes locked for a bit, and the woman immediately looked away with a deadpan expression. She kept mum and continued arranging Ashton’s clothes.

I took out my phone and saw a few missed calls. They were all from Ashton.

I ignored the notifications straight away and called the police.

“Hello, this is the R Province police department. How can I help you?”

“Good evening, officer. Someone just trespassed my property, and I want to lodge a report. Please send police to Peakville Estate, Zone D, Block 78.”

“Just a moment, please.”

Hearing me make the police report, Rebecca stared at me in disbelief. “What do you think you’re doing?”

I folded my arms and leaned against a wall by the entrance before saying nonchalantly, “I lodged a police report, of course.”

Rebecca clenched her fists as the color drained out of her face. A towering rage blazed in her eyes as she growled, “This is Ashton’s house, and he even decorated this villa to match my taste. I wonder who’s the real ‘trespasser’ here!”

I raised my brows and scanned the house. “I’m pretty sure you like a lot of things, Ms. Larson. Does this mean you can claim ownership of all the things you like? Did you learn such behavior in school?”

Well, Ashton did buy those exquisite vases for her.

I walked to the vases and looked at them appreciatively. “You do like them very much, don’t you?”

Without hesitation, I tilted the entire display rack, causing all the vases to fall and shatter into pieces instantly.

“I’m going to kill you!” A hard glint flashed through her eyes, and she lunged at me.

After having dealt with her for two years, her violent reaction did not surprise me anymore.

With steady steps, I moved away, causing her to lose her balance and crash into the display rack.

Oops, another few vases gone.

I felt bad for the broken vases. “Oh, no. You broke my things, Ms. Larson. I guess you’ll have to compensate me now.”

Rebecca was so mad that her whole body was trembling. “Don’t you dare test my patience.”

Suddenly, the doorbell rang.

I opened the door and saw three young cops standing before me. “Good evening. We received a report about someone trespassing on this property. Is the owner around?”


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