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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 105

Not long after that, he parked the car then turned at me, “The next lane is just narrow enough for two people to cross at the same time. So, we’ll get off here and walk.”

We got out of the car. As he had said, the lane was narrow indeed, just the right size for two people to pass through. Against the setting sun, the poincianas on the gray wall lit up quite brightly.

“This place is off the beaten track. How did you find it?” I had spent so many years in J City, but I had not been here at all.

The lane looked rather old.

He leisurely tucked his hands into his side pockets, “I stumbled into it by chance a few years ago. This lane was built around the mid-twentieth century. J City was originally a village on water, where most buildings were constructed with white walls and black tiles. You basically can’t find a lane as deep as this one in the south.”

I nodded. This lane certainly resembled more like northern architecture.

He glanced at me with his eyes aglow. “This lane was built by the local marshal for his wife. It’s over a thousand meters in length and over five hundred centimeters in width. Many couples like to come here on dates.”

“Sounds romantic.” The blooming branches on both sides of the walls gradually switched from poincianas to roses. These roses were beautifully trimmed, and they looked gorgeous in full bloom, making up marvelous scenery.

If one were in a bad mood, walking along this lane would provide pleasantry.

He shrugged. “It is.”

Back in our university days, Macy and I agreed that we would make a lot of money in the future, and then the two of us would travel the world together. I wanted to see the mysteries of the world outside, experience different cultures, and witness the traces left by the ancients.

I was not sure what happened next but, after graduating from university, this dream was buried. We had given over to reality and the harsh society, forgetting what we dreamed of in the first place.

“Scarlett!” Nick announced abruptly. I regained my senses and turned to face him.

He was a short distance in front of me, holding his cell phone. I looked up to find him snapping photos with a smile. “It’s a shame you didn’t pursue acting. You have the face of a celebrity, and you’re really photogenic.”

I knew he was sneaking shots at me, but I did not bother pointing it out. I asked about the roses on either side, “Do these flowers bloom all year round?”

He nodded. “That’s right. Roses don’t have seasons, and we’re in the south, where the climate is perfect for these plants to prosper, so they get to bloom all year round.”

It’s splendid!

We walked like this under the sunset, enjoying the ease and comfort.

He put his phone back into his pocket, gave me a sideways glance, and then asked me sternly, “Why must it be Ashton?”

I froze and replied flatly, “It doesn’t have to be him.” I just so happened to meet him when I was young and experienced love for the first time. Hence, he has become indispensable to me.

He stopped in his tracks and proceeded to block my path, his face all serious. “You’ll leave him eventually, right?”

I could not resist a laugh as I shoved him aside. “Who knows what the future holds,” I said.

So what if I do leave him? It would be best if we don’t meet the one who sparks our souls too soon. Otherwise, it’ll be hard to get over them for the rest of our lives, and we may end up disappointing others who capture our hearts.

Without knowing it, we had come to the end of the road. It opened up to a crowded food street lined with stalls selling an assortment of food and supplies to the masses.

Many Hanfu enthusiasts were walking along the street in their favorite clothing, which was delightful scenery in and of itself.

We finally arrived at our destination after some more walking. It was already getting dark.

“You don’t mind hanging out at a roadside booth with me, do you?” Nick found a seat at a barbecue stall and said to me with his chin propped up.

“If I say I do, are we hitting up a different stall?”

He got up. “Alright, let’s do that.”

I dragged him back to his seat and passed him the menu. “I don’t like spicy food, but I’m fine with everything else.”

When he noticed I had selected some food from the menu, he pulled a seat next to me and chuckled, “I knew you were different from the other girls.”

I snickered as I peered at him, “How so?”

He ordered his food and said, “Most girls believe that eating at roadside booths is degrading. They aren’t willing to try because they associate it with a lack of hygiene.”

I let my eyes linger on him before answering in a flat tone, “And what makes you so sure I don’t think that eating here is degrading? Or that I don’t mind the dirt?”

He seemed dumbstruck. “Do you really think that?”

“Does it matter?” I took a sip of water and put on a faint smile. “In the absence of mutual understanding, you brought a female friend to this roadside booth. Either you’re testing her, or you like the food here so much you simply want to share your joy with her. These are two separate concepts.”

“If it’s the former, regardless of the woman’s reaction, you aren’t worthy of the mutual attraction between the two of you. If it’s the latter, then cherish it, for there aren’t many out there who can share wonderful moments.”

He turned to me. “What about you? If Ashton loses everything one day, will you still love him? If he’s no longer the president of Fuller Corporation.”

“There are no ifs in life!” I cut him short. The waiter chose this time to bring us our meat, and I fumbled with the grill knob.


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