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Harvey York’s Rise to Power Chapter 5650

Chapter 5650

Teo didn’t seem angry at all.

“You’re right, Young Master Roger. I’ll keep that in mind for next time!”

“There will be no next time,” Lorel said coldly. “It’s my first time seeing someone so disrespectful towards Young Master Roger!”

“So you’re saying that you’re ignorant,” Harvey commented.


Lorel was shivering in anger; she didn’t think that Harvey would have that sharp of a tongue.

Roger couldn’t bear seeing this any longer. He waved his hand, stopping everyone from speaking. He then took a step forward, squinting at Harvey.

“Since you’re a good fighter, I’ll give you a chance.

“Break your arms right now. Grovel in front of university as an apology tomorrow morning. I’ll let this slide if you do.

“How does that sound?”

“Pretty bad. I have no intention of harming myself. You have no right to demand me to kneel, either. But, I can let you off the hook if you kneel in front of me right now,” Harvey replied.


Roger was infuriated.

“Don’t think I don’t know who you are, Harvey!” he snarled, pointing at Harvey with a cold smile.

“What can a brat who lives in Billie’s house do?

“Billie’s family is well-known, but they’re barely included in the Wolven Tribe! They can’t protect you!

“Since you won’t give up after going against me like this, you’re as good as dead!”

Harvey glanced around him calmly. “You think you can make me give up…with just some people with guns? I don’t think that’s nearly enough.”

“Keep pretending!”

Roger’s face was frost.

“Let me tell you something! It’s not about who shows off better in this world!

“I can have as much people and money as I want in the outskirts! What right do you even have to go against me? You’ll pay for your ignorance soon enough!”

“Are you sure about that?” Harvey smiled. “Is the price me getting to slap you on the other side of your face?”

“How dare you still act so high and mighty?!”

Teo glared icily at Harvey.

“It isn’t just the Fairman family. I even got my cousin to come! Hopefully you’ll be as arrogant as you are now when he’s here!

“Right! You don’t know who my cousin is now, do you?

“He’s a higher-up of the outskirts’ Longmen branch, and he’s also the third young master of the Luster Tribe’s Surrey family!

“Two of the four great tribes are here now! We’ll see how well you end up soon!

“The third young master? Ernie?”

Harvey chuckled.

“Hopefully your cousin won’t disappoint me, then!”

Teo chuckled coldly after hearing Harvey’s words.

‘This bastard’s too good at showing off! I’ll be putting myself down if I keep him alive!’


Just then, a few more cars showed up. It was a convoy of custom black G-Wagons. A fierce sight indeed…


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