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Harvey York’s Rise to Power Chapter 5649

Chapter 5649

Many were clad in robes, as if they had martial arts skills.

Hundreds of people rushed fiercely towards Harvey, surrounding him completely.

Harvey sighed; he didn’t think Roger couldn’t handle that bit of shame.

As expected, the crowd split apart before revealing Roger’s swollen face. He was with Teo and Lorel.

Roger had completely lost his cool; at that very moment, he was blatantly showing his arrogance as a young master.

He slowly strutted forward; even with his swollen face, a lot of the women around still bowed respectfully to him.

The young master of the Mammoth Branch was a powerful title. In the outskirts, the title represented utter dominance. Nobody would dare go against a man with a title like that.

Roger emerged from the crowd, glaring coldly at Harvey. ” Didn’t think you’d see me so soon, did you?”

“No, I didn’t,” Harvey replied. “You truly disappoint me. I wanted to lead you since you showed some talent…but after seeing your lack of humility, I don’t think your talent can help you either.”

“You wanna die?!”

Lorel gritted her teeth, glaring at Harvey.

“You keep disrespecting Young Master Roger back in the Budokan! And yet, you still won’t change your ways even in the face of death? Aren’t you scared?!”

Teo held his broken arm with a heinous expression.

“Do you really think he’s scared? He’s an expert! Maybe he can single-handedly deal with everyone here! Why should he be scared?

“Even so…”

Teo chuckled wretchedly.

“Brothers! Teach this man a lesson! Show him that his fighting skill doesn’t mean anything to us!”

The crowd laughed, waving their hands. Hunting rifles, revolvers, and sniper rifles were all brought out. Their faces were filled with arrogance.

Harvey finally managed to see just how pompous the people in the outskirts were.

Teo felt even more smug after seeing Harvey’s expression.

“Let me tell you something, Harvey! We all have legal documents for our firearms!

“No matter how good you are at fighting, it means nothing to us! You’ll be filled with holes as soon as we pull our trigger! You understand?!”

The women looked at Harvey with pity and disdain.

‘Where did this weak-looking man even come from?

‘Doesn’t he know who not to go against in a place like this?

‘He’s planning to leave unscathed after going against Young Master Roger?

‘What a joke!’


Roger instantly slapped Teo in the face before Teo could finish.

“I told you. You should be discreet.

“What are we supposed to do if we scare our fellow classmate with this many people and weapons?

“Do you think you can take a single slap against Harvey?”


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