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Harvey York’s Rise to Power Chapter 5648

Chapter 5648

“You’re trying to recruit Young Master Roger?”

The coach’s eyes twitched, and he showed a horrible expression.

“Let me tell you something! If the head coach was here….. You wouldn’t be allowed to show off here!

“Mr. Garry already told us! If Young Master Roger is under his wing, he’ll teach him everything he knows! You’re quite talented, but you’re nothing in front of someone like Mr. Garry!”

A lot of students’ eyes lit up with confidence after hearing those words.

“That’s right! Mr. Garry is a true expert! He’s completely undefeatable in the outskirts! You’re not allowed to insult someone like him!”

“You should learn under Mr. Garry, Young Master Roger! In just three years-no, three months, you can beat the shit out of that guy as you please!”

Roger sent a text on his phone, ignoring everyone’s words in the process.

Three months was too long for him. He needed to reclaim his pride immediately. If not, he wouldn’t have the face to stay at the university.

Harvey stared calmly at the coach; he didn’t mind what Roger was doing at all.

“Your head coach? Garry Duncan?”

The coach froze, then exploded in anger. “How dare you call his name as you please?!”

Harvey sighed.

“If you want to stand up for your head coach, then you better tell him that I’m Harvey York.”

Harvey then left while crossing his arms.

There was something that he didn’t say. If Garry even heard his name, he’d be scared witless. It’d be extremely embarrassing if that happened!

The students were confused after seeing Harvey being that arrogant.

Even so, he did have the right to act that way. No other person would be able to send Roger flying with a single slap, after all.

On the side of the university, where Harvey would usually hang out.

He frowned as soon as he got outside. The usually bustling place was dead silent at that very moment. Even some of the vendors there were already done with the day. Only grass was fluttering in the wind.

It was a desolate sight.


The door was instantly shut behind him, locking him in. The exit was completely sealed.

Harvey grinned.

“Since you’ve prepared for everything… Then why not show yourself already?”


Dozens of Toyota Prados showed up at the end of the street at the same time. The cars had labels of a golden mammoth. Although they were slowed down now, it was still a fierce sight.

Naturally, this was a plan to pressure Harvey.

The cars stopped about three hundred feet away from the entrance. Groups of people popped out. Some looked in their twenties or thirties, while others seemed barely of age.

Every single one of them looked like scoundrels. Their hands wrapped around their female partners, as if they were here to watch a big show.


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