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Divorce Anxiety Chapter 503

Chapter 503 Love You All My Life

The next day, Kathleen brought Eilam and Desiree to school.

In the morning, Samuel had discussed with Eilam, telling the boy that they hoped he would only go abroad a few years later.

Eilam did not object to that as he knew Samuel and Kathleen’s concerns.

Therefore, he thought that he could go overseas after he graduated from elementary school.

Only then did Kathleen breathe a sigh of relief.

When they arrived at the school, they had a tour as they checked out the school.

Eilam was rather satisfied with that school, and Desiree liked it as well.

Hence, Kathleen immediately proceeded with their school enrollment procedures.

From tomorrow onward, they would study at that school.

After that, Kathleen brought them out of the school.

“Kathleen!” An angry voice came from the side.

As Kathleen glanced to the side, she saw Yareli dashing over with a knife in her hand.

Feeling worried that her two children would be harmed, Kathleen reached out to grab Yareli’s hand.

While they struggled against one another, the blade cut Kathleen’s hand.

Unfortunately, Kathleen did not have anyone with her except for the driver.

The driver got out of the car and wanted to help Kathleen.

However, two more people rushed over to abduct Eilam and Desiree.

Gritting her teeth, Kathleen ignored the pain in her hand and gripped Yareli’s wrist before lifting her leg to kick Yareli in the abdomen.

“Ouch!” Yareli collapsed onto the ground, clutching her stomach in pain.

Kathleen looked toward the two people.

They didn’t have the guts to do anything rashly, so they exchanged a glance with each other, then scurried away hurriedly.

Kathleen snorted coldly and looked at the driver. “Call the police!”

“Okay.” The driver called the police at once.

After that, Kathleen yanked Yareli up from the ground.

“Let go of me!” Yareli wailed, struggling against her grip. “Kathleen, I won’t let you get away with it.”

“Save it! Wait until you’re out of prison before threatening me!” Kathleen mocked indifferently.

Yareli gritted her teeth.

“How dare you assault me. I’ll make you pay for this,” Kathleen continued frostily. “Spend the rest of your life in prison and repent.”

“Why should I repent?” Yareli barked in anger. “You killed my mother!”

Kathleen scoffed, “I’m not the one who killed your mother. She deserved to die anyway.”

She did not want to waste any more time talking to Yareli, so she asked the driver to find a rag to stuff the woman’s mouth.

Before long, Samuel arrived.

He had a frosty look in his eyes as he stared at Yareli, who was restrained by Kathleen.

When Yareli saw him, she struggled even more forcefully.

“I can’t believe she hopes that you’d save her,” Kathleen ridiculed.

Samuel replied in a solemn tone of voice, “In her dreams. She’s overthinking it.”

“I’ve asked the driver to send the kids back home first,” Kathleen explained.

He nodded in reply.

Soon, the police arrived at the scene.

Not wanting to spend more time, Kathleen cut to the chase as she reported, “This woman has a grudge against me. She wanted to harm me with a knife. I hope she would be severely punished.”

“Don’t worry, Mrs. Macari.” The police then arrested Yareli and took her away.

Looking at Kathleen’s injured hand, Samuel said, “I’ll send you to the hospital.”

“It’s nothing,” Kathleen replied placidly. “Yareli is really at the end of her rope. I didn’t expect her to attack me on her own.”

“She brought this upon herself.” Samuel held her hand gently. “You need to see a doctor.”

With that, he pulled her into the car.

Left with no choice, Kathleen sighed.

After they arrived at the hospital, the doctor checked on Kathleen and stated, “It’s a superficial wound.”

“That’s right. If we’d come here any later, the wound would have healed on its own,” Kathleen said pointedly, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

The doctor’s expression turned awkward.

Samuel was rendered speechless.

The doctor then helped Kathleen to bandage her hand.

Moving her hand, Kathleen felt that her movement was slightly hindered by the bandages.

Samuel grabbed her wrist, stopping her. “Don’t move.”

“Okay.” She smiled wryly. “It’s really not painful anymore.”

Samuel didn’t utter a word.

Holding her hand, he thanked the doctor and brought her out.

As they were leaving the hospital, they bumped into Richard.

When Richard saw them, he wanted to say something, but Kathleen ignored him as she walked off immediately.

Samuel glanced at Richard impassively. “I also can’t persuade her.”

With that, the former strode off as well, leaving Richard behind.

Samuel took the elevator down to the car park.

Kathleen was already waiting for him in the car.

Soon, he got into the car. “He had taught Miley a lesson before you and Gemma came back.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Kathleen faintly began, “Samuel, Gemma told me that she would never patch up with Richard.”

He fell silent.

“Gemma wasted seven years on him, Samuel. Seven years,” she continued coldly. “Besides, I know Gemma did not simply say that out of anger. She was dead serious.”

Samuel nodded. “I understand.”

“And…” Kathleen pursed her lips. “Recently, Federick and Gem are quite close with one another. If they date each other, I’ll give them my full support.”

Samuel was taken aback. “Federick and Gemma?”

“Madeline is much better now, she supports them too,” Kathleen explained. “Gemma was deeply hurt.”

As Samuel stared at Kathleen, he grabbed her hand and kissed it all of a sudden. “Kate, thank you for giving me a chance.”

She was stunned by his sudden action. “Gemma had given Richard a chance before.”

But Richard did not treasure her.

Samuel nodded. “I know. You reap what you sow.”

That night, Kathleen received a call from Gemma.

“Kate, did Richard go and see you?” Gemma asked in a low voice.

“He didn’t dare to pester me,” Kathleen answered. “How are you?”

“Kate, what kind of love are people searching for?” Gemma pursed her lips. “Federick proposed to me today, and I-I… accepted it.”

“Federick is a very good and gentle person.” After a pause, Kathleen added, “You’re not someone who makes impetuous decisions as well.”

“Federick is really so gentle and forbearing. He told me if I regretted my decision, I could tell him about it. But Kate, I thought about it for a while, and I think I don’t regret it at all.”

“That’s good then.” Kathleen’s lips curled into a smile. “Are you happy with him?”

“Yes, and I feel relaxed whenever I’m with him,” Gemma responded sincerely. “Kate, I have a feeling that it won’t be a wrong decision this time.”

“Yes.” Kathleen nodded in agreement.

“It’s getting late. You should rest early. Good night.” Gemma ended the call.

Kathleen put down her phone as well and gazed at the scenery outside with a serene expression.

Samuel came over and wrapped his arms around her from behind, his chin propped on her shoulder. “What are you thinking about?”

“Samuel, it’s indeed true that everyone’s relationship is different. Gemma is much more carefree than I have expected she to be. She’s accepted Federick’s marriage proposal.” Kathleen turned to glance at him. “Can you talk to Richard and ask him not to disturb Gem anymore?”

Samuel croaked, “Kate, I think I can’t convince him unless he gives up on his own.”

When he thought of Gemma’s resoluteness, he was reminded of what he had done to Kathleen in the past.

If Kathleen had made the same decision as Gemma, I’d never have the chance to reconcile with her

“Kate,” Samuel called huskily.

“Yes?” Kathleen blinked at him.

“I love you.” He lowered his head and landed a kiss on her lips. “I’ll make it up to you for the rest of my life.”

“Samuel, from now on, we don’t owe each other anymore. Let’s live happily together.” She cupped his face with her hands.

Gazing at her deep in the eye, he promised, “Mrs. Macari, I’ll love you till the end of time.”

“Me too.” Her glimmering eyes curved as she smiled. “Mr. Macari, I love you.”

“I love you too.”


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