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Divorce Anxiety Chapter 502

Chapter 502 Deserve To Die

Betty turned around and fell into a daze. “Theodore.”

Theodore strode over and gazed at the picture on the headstone. “Andrew resembled you.”

Betty remained silent.

Kathleen frowned. “Grandma, you two know each other?”

“We’ve been friends for many years,” Theodore said solemnly.

“Given the choice, I’d not have the slightest inclination to be friends with you. I heard you fired a shot at my granddaughter?” Betty uttered coldly.

Theodore froze momentarily before responding awkwardly, “That’s a misunderstanding. I did not know her identity at that time.”

Betty said icily, “Theodore, after all the bad things you all have done, you’ll be faced with retribution sooner or later.”

He replied in a self-deprecating tone, “Retribution? I’ve already met mine. My son died a few years ago.”

Betty asked frostily, “Why are you here?”

Theodore turned to look at Kathleen. “I’m here to meet with you.”

Kathleen knitted her brows. “Me?”

He gazed at her. “You need to be more careful.”

“What do I need to be careful of?” Kathleen was confused.

Have I not dealt with everyone who needs to be taken care of?

“Explain yourself!” Betty demanded in displeasure.

“Yareli. She blames you for Vanessa’s death,” Theodore reminded.

Kathleen frowned slightly. “How did you know about that?”

“She found me. She wanted to collaborate with me,” he explained.

Kathleen uttered indifferently, “I can’t believe she still hasn’t given up.”

“Vanessa’s death has nothing to do with you. I think Yareli is just a lunatic.” Betty furrowed her brows.

“Rest assured, Grandma. I’ll handle that problem.” Kathleen did not wish for Betty to be worried about her.

Betty grasped Kathleen’s hand. “I think these people are being ungrateful.”

“That’s right,” Kathleen agreed.

Theodore merely stared at her in a solemn manner. “I’ll be leaving now.”

“Hold on. Aren’t you going to avenge your son?” Kathleen gave him a meaningful look.

He smiled. “My son has been avenged.”

Kathleen was taken aback. “Don’t tell me Trevor is…”

Theodore regarded her with a poker face. “This person no longer exists in this world. That’s all.”

Kathleen pursed her lips. “I know I should not be meddling in the grudges between you two, but…”

Theodore elaborated, “He felt rather remorseful. He regretted treating your grandmother in that manner. However, life is a collection of choices and decisions. It is difficult for us to turn a new leaf after making one significant mistake. He gave you all those things to make it up for your grandmother.”

“I will not accept them,” Kathleen stated.

“That’s your problem then.” He turned on his heel.

“Where are you going?” Kathleen asked in curiosity.

Theodore paused. “I don’t know. I’ll leave that to fate now that I’ve avenged my son.”

He had already lost the will to live.

With that, Theodore turned around and left.

Kathleen let out a deep sigh. “It’s unexpected that Trevor really died.”

Betty said, “People like him deserve to die.”

Kathleen nodded in agreement.

“I guess Theodore is planning to go to that place.” Betty speculated.

“Where?” Kathleen was eager to know.

“His wife’s hometown. She came from Jedayton. I suppose he will probably go there.” Betty sighed.

Kathleen could not help but ask, “Grandma, how did you two know each other?”

“We grew up together, but there’s nothing romantic between us. We are just friends. I was informed when he was married and blessed with a son. His wife died because of Luna,” Betty explained.

Kathleen was shocked. “That’s unbelievable.”

“Their grudges were deep-seated. He’s a pitiful man, actually.” Betty sighed again.

Kathleen pursed her lips. “Let’s go back, Grandma.”

“Okay.” Betty nodded.

They got into the car and went to the Macari residence.

Diana and Betty were excited to be reunited.

The two of them had met many years ago.

Although they did not chat for long then, the two women got along well.

However, they did not have a chance to meet again after Betty went overseas.

Their previous encounter prompted both women to feel as if they had been friends for a long time instead of newly-met acquaintances now that they were reunited.

Kathleen felt relieved as she watched them talking happily.

Diana invited Betty to stay.

Betty found it difficult to refuse the invitation and had no choice but to agree.

That night, Kathleen exited the bathroom after she was done showering.

Samuel frowned while browsing through something.

She sat down beside him. “What are you looking at?”

“Eil and Desi will be starting school soon. I’m helping them to select a school,” he replied solemnly.

Kathleen took a glance and noticed Samuel was surveying all the best private schools.

She asked, “Is it that difficult to make a choice?”

Placing her to sit between his legs, Samuel explained, “This school provides relatively good basic education while this one focuses more on their students’ self-development.”

“I think Eil’s talent will go to waste if he attends the first school. Desi, on the other hand, is suitable. Eil is more fitted to go to the second school,” Kathleen expressed her thoughts.

“Yes. Moreover, I sought Eil’s opinion earlier,” Samuel said.

“What did he say?” Kathleen was curious.

“He wishes to go overseas.”

“Go overseas?” Kathleen was stunned. “How can he leave our side at such a young age?”

“Kate, I haven’t agreed to his suggestion yet.”

She pursed her lips. “But are you considering that option?”

“I promised Eil to respect all the decisions he makes,” Samuel answered.

Kathleen fell silent.

“Kate, if you do not want him to go abroad, I’ll let him know,” he comforted her.

She shook her head. “No, it’s okay. If that’s truly what he desires, I’ll respect his decision too. I just think that Eil seems to have lost the sense of happiness as a child. He’s too mature for his age.”

Samuel held her hands. “If you’re worried, we can accompany him there.”

“But there are too many places that need us.” Kathleen’s eyes reddened.

They were not only Eilam’s parents but also had many other responsibilities and commitments.

Still, Kathleen could not possibly be so selfish as to request Eilam not to go abroad.

If Eilam really wanted to go, she would undoubtedly be supportive as well.

Samuel comforted her, “The transportation system nowadays is very advanced. We can meet with him at any time.”

Kathleen nodded. “You support his decision to go overseas, am I right?”

“Yes.” He bobbed his head. “He can choose what to do with his life. Moreover, I think his decision is not bad.”

Feeling a little dejected, she asked, “What if Desi is the one who wants to go abroad?”

“I will not stop her either. I wish for them to have the power to choose how they want to live their lives. They are our children, so we should have faith in their decisions. Don’t you think so?”

She pursed her lips. “I can allow Eil to go overseas, but he needs to be a few more years older.”

Samuel sensed that was Kathleen’s extent of compromising. He nodded. “Okay. I got it.”

Kathleen glanced at the pamphlets of the schools on Samuel’s legs. “I’ll bring them to visit these two schools tomorrow and let them choose for themselves.”


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