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Divorce Anxiety Chapter 501

Chapter 501 Accompany

“No!” Kathleen stared at Samuel with all seriousness. “Do not come here!”

Samuel gazed at Wyatt. “I make a much better hostage than she does. Remember how your father and brother were thrown behind bars? Even the leaders here have to show me respect. You’ll have an easier time escaping by holding me captive instead of her.”

Wyatt knew he would have a tough time getting out of there that day. Kathleen was too cunning. On the other hand, Samuel was injury-ridden, so Wyatt reckoned Samuel would not dare to do anything foolish.

“Okay.” Wyatt nodded in agreement.

“No!” Kathleen glared at Samuel. “I do not agree!”

Samuel gazed at her tenderly. “I’ll be fine. Move along now.”

Kathleen took a deep breath. “How much more suffering do you plan to let yourself endure?”

Samuel was stunned.

Tears rolled down Kathleen’s cheeks. “You’ve harmed yourself previously and almost lost your life. Then, your hand was crippled because of me, not to mention the injuries to your legs. That’s enough, Samuel. That’s truly enough. You’ve sufficiently redeemed yourself!”

His heart ached as he looked at her. “I’m really fine. Please, don’t cry.”

He ambled forward.

Kathleen bit her lip. “Wyatt!”

“What’s the matter?” Wyatt narrowed his eyes.

“Go to hell!” She bellowed angrily.

Kathleen suddenly turned around and stabbed his abdomen with a dagger.

Wyatt was dumbfounded.

She grasped his gun-wielding hand, gave it a forceful twist, and the gun instantaneously slipped through his fingers.

Samuel’s reflexes were quick. He grabbed the gun with his left hand, took aim, and fired three consecutive shots at Wyatt.

Little did Wyatt anticipate things to take such a sudden turn. His eyes were still widened in utter disbelief when his body fell to the ground.

Samuel walked up to Kathleen’s side and pulled her into his embrace. “Are you all right? Did you sustain any injuries?”

She shook her head while glowering at him. “You’re crazy! You’re not allowed to do something like this again!”

The situation would have turned dire if I did not prepare myself in advance.

“Silly girl. I was informed through the phone when Wyatt entered earlier. I’ve already assigned a sniper to standby at the opposite skyscraper. The sniper was ready to end his life with one shot if he moved,” he explained.

Kathleen frowned. “I did not know you’d already made all these arrangements!”

Samuel patted her head. “It’s all right, as long as you’re fine.”

She pursed her lips. “Tell your men to clean this place up. There’s no need to resuscitate Wyatt either.”

Samuel nodded. Then, he left the tasks to Tyson.

Kathleen looked sideways at Clarissa, who was lying on the bed. “I’m afraid Clarissa has never imagined her family members to be so ruthless.”

Samuel held Kathleen’s hand. “Wyatt’s subordinates have been completely dealt with. I’ll let your brother address the rest of the issues.”

“Thank you.” Kathleen felt grateful.

“You never have to thank me.” His voice was deep and magnetic. “I’m doing all these things because I love you, not because I seek your gratitude.”

She smiled faintly. “I got it.”

Soon, everything returned to normal in the ward.

Even the blood on the floor was gone.

Charles returned in a hurry. “Are any of you hurt?”

Kathleen shook her head.

“That’s good then.” He let out a sigh of relief. “I did not expect Wyatt to resort to such desperate measure.”

“That was his final chance, after all. Did you meet with Grandma?” Kathleen asked.

Charles nodded. “Yes, and I’ve clarified everything with her. I’ll have to trouble you to care for her in the future.”

“There’s no trouble to that.” Kathleen curled her lips. “I’m more than pleased to take care of Grandma!”

Charles bobbed his head.

“Charles, Samuel, and I will return to Jadeborough in the next few days. I’ll frequent here to follow up on Clarissa’s progress. When her condition stabilizes, I’ll perform the surgery on her.”

“Okay. Thank you for the hard work.” Charles nodded.

“Don’t mention it. We’ll be leaving first then.” Kathleen left the hospital with Samuel.

They went back to the hotel, packed their belongings, and were ready to go.

They arrived at Jadeborough in the afternoon the next day.

Kathleen arranged for Betty to settle down in her mansion and brought her kids over as well.

Betty was very happy to see Eilam and Desiree.

The two children were extremely adorable.

Kathleen beamed slightly at the sight of them surrounding Betty.

She gazed at Samuel. “Aren’t you going home to visit your family now that you’re back?”

Samuel sat down. “This is my home.”

Kathleen chuckled. “Grandma and Mom will be so sad to see you behaving like this.”

He said casually, “I’m staying here to accompany you.”

“I think you should go back to visit them. Then, you can return here again. Also, tell them to come here to have a meal together tomorrow. What do you say?” Kathleen suggested.

Samuel remained silent.

“Okay. I’ll accompany you to go there later.” Kathleen felt helpless.

Only then did he nod his head. “You said it yourself.”

“What other choice do I have aside from saying that?” Kathleen uttered in resignation.

Samuel kept quiet. Then, he massaged his temples. “Kate, my head is hurting.”

Kathleen was rendered speechless.

He’s becoming more adept at utilizing this tactic.

Kathleen and Samuel went to the Macari residence after they finished their dinner.

Diana’s condition seemed to have improved further, as her cheeks appeared more flushed and radiant.

“Grandma,” Kathleen greeted her cheerfully.

Diana was delighted to see Kathleen. “I’m glad that both of you are back.”

“How are you, Grandma?” Kathleen asked in concern.

“I’m feeling much better.” Diana wore a benevolent smile.

“Grandma, why don’t all of you come over to my place tomorrow and have a meal together? I wish to introduce my other grandmother to you,” Kathleen elaborated.

Diana grinned. “Sure. I want to meet with her too. So many years have passed. I’m afraid it was long since we last met.”

Kathleen was astounded. “You two know each other?”

“We only met once in the past,” Diana explained.

Realization dawned on Kathleen. “I see. So that’s the case. Well, it’s decided then. I’ll come and pick you all up tomorrow afternoon.”

“Okay.” Diana nodded.

Wynnie smiled as she looked sideways at Samuel. “After much difficulties, it’s a good thing that you’ve successfully brought my daughter-in-law back.”

Samuel did not say a word.

“Don’t lose her this time,” Wynnie reminded.

Samuel responded gruffly, “This time, I won’t.”

After that, Samuel and Kathleen left the Macari residence.

The next day, Betty said to Kathleen, “Kate, I want to pay my respect to your parents at the cemetery.”

Kathleen fell into a momentary daze before replying, “Sure.”

She immediately gave the orders to make the necessary arrangements.

Then, they arrived at the cemetery.

Andrew and Rebecca were buried together.

Tears streamed down Betty’s face as she stared at the yellowing pictures on the tombstone. “Andrew, I’m sorry for being so late. Please forgive me for only finding you now.”

Kathleen’s eyes reddened as well. “Be mindful of your health, Grandma.”

Betty took a deep breath. “I’m fine.”

She was merely overwhelmed by the urge to cry.

Just then, someone’s voice was heard. “Mrs. Lester, it has been a long time since we last met.”


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