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An Understated Dominance Chapter 2420

Chapter 2420

On the surface, it seemed that Sawyer was not strong enough, but anyone with a discerning eye knew that this was because Briggs’s cultivation was too high.

Since Sawyer used all his tricks, Briggs could easily solve them.

From beginning to end, Briggs was calm and spotless.

This was enough to prove that the gap in strength between the two sides was too large.

“I won, but I always feel that something is wrong.” Kassidy scratched her head, a little confused.

Sawyer’s attack was very powerful and fierce, and it looked very scary, but Briggs’s response was a bit awkward.

Whether defending or breaking the moves, he never took the initiative to initiate an attack.

It felt like a person attacking with all his strength, yet hitting the same target each time.

Though she knew Briggs was stronger, this battle was boring.

There was a big gap from the fierce collision in her mind.

“Mr. Ethier is not ordinary.” At this time, Fenley, who was sitting next to Kassidy, suddenly spoke, “He is obviously a tiger, but it disguises itself as a sheep, giving people a very weak illusion. Indeed, once they reveal their fangs, they have the ability to consume individuals directly.

“Oh!” Noemi raised her eyebrows slightly, which surprised her. “It could be worthy of such a high evaluation from Brother Fenley. It seems that Mr. Ethier is more powerful than we expected.”

She knew Fenley was proud and the other party wouldn’t take ordinary warriors seriously.

Only true geniuses would pay a little attention.

And there was not a single person among the younger generation of the Celestial Alliance to attract Fenley’s attention.

So after hearing Fenley’s evaluation of Briggs, Noemi was a little surprised and more curious.

“If I’m not mistaken, Mr. Ethier’s strength should be able to compete with the tenth master on the legendary list.” Fenley described it as shocking.

“What? Tenth on the Legendary List?!”

Hearing this, Kassidy’s eyelids jumped, and she was particularly surprised.

The masters on the legendary list were all highly talented individuals. Each of them had a powerful presence in the world.

Compared with the masters on the legendary list, people like Sawyer were completely insignificant.

Kassidy admitted that Briggs was strong and much stronger than Sawyer, but she didn’t believe that he could compete with Jude Leith, who was tenth on the Legendary List.

“Brother Fenley, are you really so optimistic about Mr. Ethier?” At this moment, Noemi was also shocked.

She couldn’t understand why Dustin and Fenley valued Briggs so much when he didn’t show any extraordinary skills.

What was the secret?

Fenley said meaningfully, “At the age of 20, he has reached the realm of a martial arts master, and he has the body protection method of the Acala Mantra. These points alone are enough to make him stand out from the crowd. Moreover, this is just the surface we see. There are certain unseen aspects that the other party has yet to reveal. With the foundation of the Yam Palace, it is not particularly difficult to cultivate a master who is in the top ten of the legendary list.”

At this point, Fenley suddenly looked at Dustin and asked with a smile, “Dr. Rhys, what do you think?”


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