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An Understated Dominance Chapter 2416

Chapter 2416

Sawyer’s sword was more powerful than before. Without using the Acala Mantra, Briggs’s small body could not block it.

The two attacks finally collided under the watchful eyes of the crowd.


There was a loud noise.

A dazzling light suddenly burst out. In an instant, the wind howled and thunder roared.

Briggs bizarrely split the folding fan into two as soon as it touched the sword light.

Immediately afterwards, the terrifying, huge sword light, like broken glass, turned into fragments all over the sky and floated down.

At first glance, it was like a blue storm with a bit of strange beauty.


Seeing this scene, Sawyer was struck by lightning, and his heart was shocked. The raging thunder and wind he just used were more powerful and domineering than the previous attack.

If it is an ice and fire attribute attack, then the raging thunder and wind are lightning attribute attacks. Once it hits the enemy, it also has a paralysis effect. Even ordinary martial arts masters find it difficult to resist.

However, they never imagined that Briggs’s folding fan would destroy their ultimate move, Thunder and Wind.

What’s more frightening was that Briggs did not show any terrifying momentum or oppression from beginning to end. It seemed to be just a very ordinary move. But the more so, the more frightening it was.

This demonstrated that Briggs did not exert his maximum power.

Could the handsome and demon-like young man in front of Sawyer also be a hidden martial arts master?

Sawyer did not have time to think carefully because Briggs’s second move had already taken advantage of the situation and attacked.

After shattering the sword light, Briggs did not stop attacking. He also turned the folding fan into a sword and stabbed Sawyer again.

Like before, this fan was still ordinary and looked like it had no killing power at all, but it scared Sawyer’s eyelids, and a sense of fear rose in his heart.

“I just don’t believe you’re that powerful!” Sawyer gritted his teeth, forced down the palpitation, and struck out again.

“Carry the mountain and build a building!”

When Sawyer roared, his muscles instantly bulged, veins on the surface of his skin bulged, and the true energy in his body surged out like a wave, infusing the Zxie Knife with it.


The Zxie Knife vibrated violently, making bursts of roaring sounds.

The blue light that originally burst out was now completely condensed and gathered into a ray of light one inch from the blade’s surface.

The sword energy transformed into a sword light, revealing a surprisingly masterful technique!

“Die for me!”

Sawyer held the knife with both hands and, with all his strength, chopped at Briggs’s head.

In this attack, he exhausted everything he had and even risked his life. If he fails, he will die!


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