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An Understated Dominance Chapter 2415

Chapter 2415

“Giving up the use of the Acala Mantra and fighting a monk head-on, is that young man a little too confident?”

In the audience, Kassidy frowned, looking very puzzled. She was quite optimistic about Briggs just now, but she didn’t expect him to do this. It was really unexpected.

“I don’t think a young man is a frivolous person. Given that he had the courage to agree, he ought to be extremely confident, right?” Noemi said it thoughtfully.

Although she didn’t understand Briggs’s intentions, she knew he was very powerful.

But this kind of behavior that makes people feel a little bit uncomfortable is really not advisable.

“Kid! I want to see how capable you are today.”

On the ring, Sawyer’s long sword turned, and the true energy in his body gushed out instantly. His momentum became particularly domineering and sharp.

Simultaneously, the blue light emanated from the evil-slaying sword in his hand, accompanied by piercing roars. Arcs of electricity flashed indistinctly around the blade.

It was very deterring!

Facing Sawyer’s power-accumulating moves, Briggs put one hand behind his back and gently waved his folding fan with the other hand, his face still calm. He looked like he was standing still, even if a mountain fell on his head.

“Thunder and wind!”

Sawyer shouted loudly, and the evil-slaying sword that had accumulated to the top suddenly slashed at Briggs.


As soon as she drew the sword, thunder erupted.

It was deafening and soul-stirring.

The people in the audience were dizzy and covered their ears.

At the same time, a huge sword light wrapped in lightning slashed at Briggs from top to bottom.

This sword was earth-shaking, and the wind and clouds changed color.

Wherever the sword light passed, the sound of wind and thunder rolled in.

Before the sword light arrived, a bone-scratching wind had already hit Briggs, blowing his hair upright, his robes rustling, and his eyes unconsciously narrowing.

“Good swordsmanship!” Briggs smiled slightly, without dodging or avoiding.

He turned his wrist and used the folding fan as a sword, stabbing at the oncoming blade.

This fan looked ordinary. There was no terrifying power, no cold air, and no heart-pounding lethality. It was just an ordinary straight stab, which was completely insignificant compared to Sawyer’s blade.

“KId! See if you can survive this!”

“Without using body protection skills, this pretty boy can’t survive a single move in front of Master Sawyer!”

“Humph! If you fly into the fire, you’ll destroy yourself!”

Upon seeing Briggs’s counterattack, which was merely a soft fan, many male audiences sneered with expressions akin to those of a dead person.


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