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Always Been Yours Chapter 1523

Kieran exerted all his strength to grab the bouquet. “Don’t push me.” “Who stepped on my foot?” “Oh no. I’m about to fall.” The crowd was playing and joking around, and many fell to the ground.

The bouquet eventually tumbled to the edge of the crowd and ended up in Edward’s hands, who had only joined in to make up the numbers. Seeing this, Kieran quickly rose from the ground and walked over. “Edward, let’s make a deal. Give me this bouquet, and I’ll get my brother to give you two weeks off.”

Edward alternated his gaze between Kieran and the bouquet, feeling as if fate was reminding. him to get married. He shook his head and refused, saying, “No, I need this bouquet.”

“What use do you have for it? You don’t even have a girlfriend. It’s better to give it to me. It can save my life,” convinced Kieran as he tried to grab the bouquet. Unfortunately, Edward was faster than him and swiftly moved aside.

Knowing what Kieran wanted the flowers for, he laughed and advised, “If Master Kieran wants the flower bouquet, you can go grab the one that Miss Gulliver is about to toss. As for this one, I do have a use for it.”

Kieran probably did not expect Edward to reject him firmly, so he frustratedly gritted his teeth while staring at him. Even so, Edward did not mind. As if a thought had come to his mind, he said with a smile, ‘By the way, Master Kieran, what you said earlier is incorrect. I have a girlfriend, and there may be good news soon.. Don’t forget to prepare two big gifts for me when that happens.”

“Why two big gifts?” It caught Kieran’s attention. Edward smiled. ‘Because my girlfriend is pregnant. Don’t you need gifts for the wedding. and the baby shower?” That revelation shocked Kieran. Seeing his reaction, Edward noticed that the second round of flower bouquet tossing was about to begin and reminded him, “Hurry up and grab the bouquet, Master Kieran. Otherwise, you won’t be able to explain it to Mrs. Sawyer later.”

When Kieran snapped out of it, he saw that Sabrina was getting ready to throw the flower bouquet, so he quickly went over to snatch it. He feared that his mother would arrange blind. dates for him every day. On the stage, Tessa noticed Kieran’s desperate attempt and was somewhat surprised. “What’s wrong with Kieran?”

“I bet he got threatened by Mom. She probably heard that the person who catches the wedding bouquet would be the next one to get married,” Nicholas explained while holding her hand.

“Does Mom believe that?” She laughed. “She can’t help it since Kieran is just dead set against getting married,” he explained, laughing and watching Kieran fight hard to grab the bouquet.

After the bouquet tossing, the wedding. ceremony was considered over, and the last segment was to have a toast with the guests. After Nicholas and Tessa made the rounds, they went to the lounge. Once inside, he took at set of regular clothes and handed them to her. “Change into this.”

She was stunned and gazed at him in confusion. “Shouldn’t I be wearing a gown?” “No need. We’ll leave the rest to Kieran, and we’re off to our honeymoon, he explained with a smile. “I just saw your brother came in here before us. They should be ready and waiting for us.”

Hearing that, Tessa initially wanted to say something but could only comply and change into the clothes. It seems like the two have discussed this beforehand.

After changing, Nicholas led Tessa to the hotel rooftop, where they saw a parked helicopter. Timothy and Sabrina were already waiting on board. When they saw the couple, they urged them, “Hurry up, guys.”

Soon, the helicopter took off, alarming the guests at the wedding. Kieran recognized it as their family’s private helicopter and soon figured out what was happening. However, he wanted to confirm it first. With that thought in mind, he hurriedly ran toward the lounge and bumped into Edward, who happened to be walking out. He immediately ran over and questioned Edward, ‘Where’s my brother?”

“President Sawyer is taking Miss Tessa on their honeymoon. He said the company will be left under your care for the next month. Young Master Gregory and Young Master Gordon have been entrusted to you too. Oh, and you’ll have to take care of the rest of the wedding ceremony, Edward told him frankly and chuckled.

“So, my brother and Timothy ran away?” Kieran gritted his teeth. It was something his brother and Timothy had planned early on! It was then that Gregory and Gordon ran over while holding hands. “Mr. Edward, have you seen Daddy and Mommy?” The two little ones. looked at him with big, innocent eyes.

Before he could respond, Kieran interjected fiercely, “Don’t bother looking! Your daddy abandoned you. You won’t see your mommy for the entire month.” “Uncle Kieran, what do you mean?” Gregory looked at him with confusion.

Hearing that, Kieran ground his teeth and then. thought of something. He deliberately instigated, “Your daddy took your mommy on their honeymoon and left you behind to prevent you from disturbing their time together.”

“What?!” Gregory exclaimed and got angry.. “That’s not right. How could Daddy leave us behind? No way. I want to give him a call.” Although Gordon did not understand the situation, he followed along and nodded. “Daddy is bad. Let’s find Daddy.”

Unfortunately, when Gregory tried to call, he was told the receiver’s phone had switched off. Meanwhile, on the plane, Tessa was laughing at the man beside her. ‘It’s just a honeymoon. Do you have to abandon the kids? When you get back, they’ll probably be angry with you.”

“It’s not a honeymoon with them around.” Nicholas did not think there was anything wrong with leaving the two kids behind. On the contrary, he was happy to get rid of them. She could not help but laugh when she looked at the man’s proud expression.

Right then, he held her and let her sit on his lap before gently stroking her belly with one hand. “I hope this little one will be a considerate baby girl.” “What if it’s not a girl?” She could not resist teasing. He replied without hesitation, “Then, we’ll just hand the baby to their grandma.”

“Oh, to have a father like you.” Tessa laughed, her heart fluttering. After all, Nicholas was doing this because he cared about her. Thinking of this, she nestled in his arms and whispered, “Let’s be happy like this forever.”


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