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Always Been Yours Chapter 1522

“I do,” Tessa and Sabrina responded in unison. Following that, they turned slightly to look at the man beside them through their veils. Sensing their gaze, Nicholas and Timothy lowered their heads and locked eyes with their wives.

Soon, the priest asked again, “Handsome grooms, do you take this woman by your side to be your lawfully wedded wife? Will you love her, care for her, respect her, and accept her, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, and be faithful to her until death do you part?”

“I do,” Nicholas and Timothy responded with a smile. As the flower petals danced in the air, applause erupted in the venue. At that moment, the priest announced, “The marriage is now effective, and the two pairs of newlyweds can now exchange rings.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a beautiful violin melody began to play. Gregory and Gordon ran up to the two pairs of newlyweds, each holding a red velvet box. When the boxes were unclasped, two exquisitely crafted but differently styled diamond rings were revealed.

Nicholas took out the ring and held Tessa’s hand before slowly sliding it onto her ring. finger. Tessa was rather stunned as she looked at the dazzling ring sparkling under the sunlight. Then, she heard an affectionate whisper. “I love you, Tessa.” “I love you too, Nicholas,’ she responded through her veil. A similar scene was happening on Timothy’s side as well.

As the quests who attended the ceremony watched both pairs of newlyweds being lovey- dovey, the young men in the crowd cheered, “Kiss the bride!” Henry and Kieran were the rowdiest among them. Hearing that, the newlyweds moved closer to each other and finally leaned in for a kiss amidst the cheering.

At that moment, the staff released the balloons they had prepared earlier, painting the scene even more beautiful and romantic. Netizens who saw the two couples kissing also expressed their admiration.

Omg. This scene is so beautiful that it makes me want to get married now! ‘I want to marry a man who loves his wife as much as President Sawyer does.”

‘I’m truly envious.’ Fans of Tessa also sent their blessings online. Wishing our goddess happiness forever.” ‘We will always stand behind you. We are your strongest support!’

But Tessa was unaware of all of this. After the kiss, it was time for the bouquet toss. Tessa and Sabrina decided to do it separately, so Tessa went first. She walked to the edge of the stage, where many young men and women had already gathered to catch from below.

Kieran stood aside while watching eagerly. It was then that Stefania walked over to him and pushed him hard. “Why don’t you go and catch the bouquet?”

“Why should I?” He stumbled two steps backward from the push and looked helplessly at his mother. She snorted. “You can get married next if you can catch the bouquet!”

It was said that whoever caught the bouquet would be the next to get married. To get her son married, Stefania believed this myth and spared no effort. Kieran, however, refused to accept it. Unfortunately, his refusal wast ineffective.

She forcefully pushed him toward the crowd. and threatened, “If you don’t grab the bouquet back for me, starting tomorrow, I will arrange for you to meet with fourteen girls on blind. dates daily!”

Surprisingly, the threat was highly effective. Kieran did not want to spend his future days on blind dates and struggled to push through the crowd. At the same time, he also appealed to Tessa for help. “Tessa, look at me! Give me the bouquet!”

However, the noise around him was overpowering and drowned out his voice. When Tessa saw that those who wanted to join the game were all gathered, she uttered softly, “I’l throw the bouquet on the count of three.”

“Three, two, one.” As soon as the countdown ended, the white rose bouquet pirouetted in the air.


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