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Always Been Yours Chapter 1521

The bright red carpet extended from the hall to the street. Before the wedding ceremony commenced, many guests and media reporters had already arrived at the venue, but Tessa knew nothing about this..

After the car started, she smiled at the man beside her with a bouquet in her hands and complained playfully, “Why didn’t you tell me about such a big event? Do you know how stunned I was when Sabrina told me to change into the wedding dress earlier?”

“I wanted to surprise you, but I was afraid you wouldn’t agree,” Nicholas explained gently while holding her in his arms. Hearing that, she chuckled. “How could I not agree?” She then hugged his waist, looking up and smiling. “But I’m overjoyed.” After all, there was not a woman who would reject a romantic wedding.

At the same time, the wedding was also being broadcasted live online. Netizens were amazed at the luxurious decorations at the venue. ‘As expected, weddings of the wealthy have never disappointed me. Each one is more extravagant than the last.”

‘The guests that have arrived are indeed iconic.” ‘Just the decorations on the exterior alone are so luxurious. I wonder how extravagant the interior will be.”

As the camera panned across the scene, someone noticed something strange. Is it just my imagination, or did I see two rows of names on the bride and groom’s column just now?

‘I saw it too.’ ‘Omg. I just confirmed with my journalist friend on-site. It’s not just Timothy and Sabrina getting married today, but President Sawyer and Goddess Tessa are too!’

‘What? Our goddess is getting married? This comment came from a fan of Tessa’s. For a moment, news about Tessa’s wedding spread like wildfire on Twitter, with countless fans clicking into the live broadcast to witness this grand wedding.

‘Didn’t President Sawyer and Goddess Tessa already marry a couple of years ago? Why are they getting married again now?’ Many fans. raised this question.

At this time, a person claiming to have inside. information revealed online, ‘It’s true that President Sawyer and Goddess Tessa are already married, but they didn’t hold a wedding ceremony. Since Tessa’s younger brother is getting married, President Sawyer wants to make up for it. Besides, Goddess Tessa is pregnant, so it’s a double blessing.

That explanation rendered many netizens and fans envious of their love. ‘President Sawyer and Goddess Tessa are still so in love after two years of marriage and even after having children. It sure is a fairytale story!!

I’m so jealous. I just can’t. Good men are always taken.” ‘Every time I see news about Goddess Tessa and President Sawyer, it’s always lovey-dovey.”

Online discussions were in full swing, and the wedding scene was bustling. Especially when the staff announced that the newlyweds had arrived, all the guests quieted down. They held their breath and looked toward the entrance.

As everyone watched expectantly, Gregory and Gordon appeared on the red carpet, one on the left and one on the right. They were dressed in black suits, with similar facial features and exquisite looks to dolls. Each of them held at flower basket and scattered petals with each step they took.

Behind them were two couples. The four of them walked hand in hand, and the handsome Nicholas and Timothy made all the female guests gasp for breath, as they were just too good-looking. Although Tessa and Sabrina wore veils, making it difficult for others to see their faces clearly, their graceful figures and snow-white skin also stunned many. As they appeared, applause rang out as they were showered with blessings. ‘Happy wedding.’

‘Wishing you a long-lasting, harmonious union. ‘May you have a lovely baby soon.’ Amidst these words of blessings, the two couples walked up to the priest.

Gazing at them gently, the priest began to read the vows. “Beautiful brides, do you take this man by your side to be your lawfully wedded husband? Will you love him, care for him, respect him, and accept him, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, and be faithful to him until death do you part?”


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