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A Man Like None Other Chapter 3843

At that moment, Jared had also arrived outside the grand and well-preserved mansion. However, with just one glance, Jared had noticed the aura within the mansion, as fluid as flowing water.

Those auras clung closely to the ground. Even the slightest breeze would cause them to ripple.

However, that aura seemed to be confined within the mansion, as if it was incapable of spilling out.

Jared controlled his aura, held his breath, and focused his mind as he slowly walked in. As soon as he stepped inside, the aura within the mansion seemed to part ways automatically.

Upon entering the mansion, Jared was instantly taken aback. “Celestial energy?”

The aura within the mansion was unexpectedly celestial energy. Even though there was only a thin layer of celestial energy hovering above the ground, its potency was incomparably stronger than any spiritual energy.

The reason why Selma and her group, upon entering the mansion, hadn’t detected the presence of any celestial energy, was simply because they couldn’t perceive it, let alone absorb and refine it.

Only when one ascended to immortality would the cultivation technique within one’s body transform and improve through the absorption of celestial energy.

With the cultivation techniques they were practicing, they simply could not absorb the celestial energy.

Jared was different as his Focus Technique had the ability to absorb everything.

“Brat, have you noticed? This celestial energy is in constant motion. That means there must be a place from where this energy is flowing. This is what keeps the celestial energy within this mansion alive. Otherwise, after all these years, this faint layer of celestial energy would have gradually faded away.” Vermilion Demon Lord spoke to Jared.

“Indeed, I noticed it too.” Jared gave a nod.

He also noticed that the celestial energy within the mansion seemed to emanate from a specific location. However, Jared was still unsure of where exactly that might be.

Even though Jared was eager to absorb the celestial energy for his cultivation at that moment, he was wary. There was a chance that the Mueller family members were around. The last thing Jared wanted was to be ambushed and killed while he was in the middle of his cultivation.

Suppressing the urge to absorb the celestial energy, Jared cautiously made his way toward the mansion’s main hall.

Jared was extremely cautious, having subdued his aura to the utmost degree. If one weren’t intentionally searching, they wouldn’t have noticed where Jared was at all.

Just as Jared was approaching the main hall, Selma, who had been patiently waiting with her eyes slightly closed for Leighton to learn the celestial technique legacy, suddenly opened her eyes.

Selma furrowed her brows, turning her gaze toward the outside of the main hall, only to find nothing.

Yet, she distinctly felt as if someone had arrived outside.

Selma pointed at two members of the Mueller family and spoke. “You two, go out and investigate, then keep watch outside. As soon as anyone approaches, notify me immediately.”

“Yes, Ms. Selma.” The two members of the Mueller family walked out.

At that moment, Selma absolutely wouldn’t allow anyone to disturb her and Leighton.

As the two members of the Mueller family stepped out, a sense of tension gripped Jared. He knew someone had come out.

However, within the confines of the mansion, there was simply nowhere to hide.

Just as Jared was about to be discovered, he had an idea. In the blink of an eye, he astonishingly transformed into Selma.

Jared did his best to conceal his aura. Just by appearances, it was quite hard to tell he wasn’t actually Selma.

Meanwhile, the two individuals from the Mueller family exited the main hall, beginning their investigation within the mansion’s courtyard.

Jared, however, had circled behind the two, lightly clearing his throat.

The two individuals from the Mueller family were taken aback and swiftly turned around. Upon seeing the person was Selma, they hurriedly paid their respects, saying, “Ms. Selma, why did you come out? There’s no one in this courtyard. We’ve already checked.”

“Very well. Be extra careful.” Jared nodded, feigning composure as he spoke.

“Rest assured, Ms. Selma, we won’t allow anyone to interfere. We’ll ensure Uncle Leighton has ample time to study the celestial technique legacy thoroughly. Once the Mueller family mastered this celestial technique, the other families would no longer be able to compete with us!” An excited individual from the Mueller family exclaimed.


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