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A Man Like None Other Chapter 3841

He hadn’t expected the Mueller family to locate this place so quickly.

“They’ve already passed through here. We just hid you in the dirt just now. That’s why they didn’t discover you,” Bianca said.

Only then did Jared understand. I thought I was buried because I refined the demonic fire! As it turns out, Bianca and the others were behind it!

Jared cast a glance toward the depths of the sect before saying to Bianca, “You guys should stay put for now. Don’t wander around. You can rest in the few courtyards that were just inspected. I’ll go check out the depths of the sect’s grounds myself. Remember! Don’t wander around or venture into unexplored areas.”

Jared wanted to venture deeper into the sect. He feared that bringing Bianca and the others along might hold him back.

Furthermore, bringing them along was quite risky. After all, members of the Mueller family had also entered. If they happened to encounter each other, Jared was afraid he wouldn’t have the energy to protect Bianca and the others.

Bianca was well aware that their current abilities were no match for the Mueller family and would likely only cause more trouble for Jared.

Bianca nodded and replied, “Mr. Chance, please take good care of yourself. We’ll be waiting for you here!”

“All right!” Jared began to head toward the depths of the sect.

At that time, Selma, along with the Mueller family, had already swiftly ventured deep into the heart of the sect.

At that moment, deep within the sect, a remarkably well-preserved mansion emerged. This mansion was incomparably more impressive than the courtyard one would see upon entering.

At a single glance, one could tell that this mansion was undoubtedly a residence for the higher-ups of the sect.

With great excitement, Leighton exclaimed, “Ms. Selma, such a well-preserved mansion must certainly house numerous magical items!”

Selma gazed at the mansion before her, then pointed and said, “You go ahead and scout the place…”

The individual from the Mueller family who was pointed out was startled, yet he had no choice but to go. Summoning all his courage, he slowly made his way toward the mansion.

As he ventured deeper into the mansion, he realized that there was nothing out of the ordinary. No restraints, no traps, not even the slightest hint of danger.

That member of the Mueller family then declared, “Ms. Selma, it’s safe!”

Upon hearing this, Selma then proceeded to lead the group inside.

However, what they all failed to notice was that as they stepped into the mansion, the ground beneath them seemed to ripple, as if stirred by a flowing current.

At the same time, the void surrounding the mansion was also undergoing a distorted transformation.

Selma and the others, completely oblivious to the changes in the mansion, continued to head toward it.

When the group ventured deep into the mansion, a main hall loomed before their eyes. Within the main hall, a statue was seated in a cross-legged position.

The man depicted in the statue looked like an immortal. At first glance, he exuded an aura of mysticism and wisdom. His eyes, in particular, were remarkably expressive and lively.

In the statue’s hand, there was also a communication device, as if it were being carefully examined.

Besides, a subtle halo even permeated around the statue.

“Could this possibly be a body sculpting statue?” Leighton asked curiously.

After all, in Ethereal Realm, many elders and sect leaders felt quite proud of themselves. Consequently, they had statues sculpted in their own image, hoping to be revered and worshipped by others.

However, those who were capable of sculpting figure statues all held positions of status within the sect.

Ordinary disciples certainly didn’t receive that kind of treatment.

“The material of this sculpted statue is quite unique, isn’t it?” Selma gazed at the statue before her, reaching out, longing to touch it.

Leighton quickly reminded, “Ms. Selma, be careful!”

However, Selma didn’t pay any mind to it. Instead, she gently ran her fingers over the statue.


Suddenly, the statue emitted a burst of golden light, sending Selma flying straight out.

Selma, a Top Level Tribulator, was surprisingly weak in front of this statue.

Upon seeing the situation, Leighton quickly stepped forward to help Selma up. “Ms. Selma, are you all right?”


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